Meet İzocam Optima Smart!

Thermal and sound insulation is more practical now!

İzocam Optima Smart, is used on partition walls, adjacent walls, and inner surfaces of the exterior walls. It takes the form of a board when opened and packaged in rolls, is designed as ready-cut in 3 different sizes, considering the need for various widths between profiles that differ according to the place of use.

İzocam Foamboard in its New Packaging!

#İzocamstandsbehind high thermal insulation performance & responsibility for human and environmental health.

İzocam Foamboard offers high thermal insulation performance in line with sustainability principles.

Installers Agree, too!

#İzocamflexstandsbehind the HVAC

İzocamflex, an elastomeric and rubber-based material with closed-porosity and smooth cell structure, produced for use in air conditioning, heating and cooling systems, is the favorite of board installers.

Top of the Class!

#İzocamstandsbehind class A insulation

“İzocam Mineral Partition Board”, which provides thermal and sound insulation and fire safety with its unique features, is also the favorite of its class with its master-friendly features.

Walls Agree, too!

#İzocamstandsbehind the true professionalism

İzocam-Kalibel, which is used on the inner surface of exterior walls, interior partitions and adjacent walls, walls adjacent to stairs and elevator shafts, and interior cladding of wooden frame structures, is a complete sound and thermal insulation specialist.

Time is Running out!

#İzocamstandsbehind sustainable tomorrows

New packaging worthy of environmentally friendly İzocam Stone Wool, the biodegradability of which has been proven by EUCEB!

Easier Said than Done!

#İzocamstandsbehind healthy insulation

There is İzocam Stone Wool, which has been certified by EUCEB for many years now, behind the trust that lasts from generation to generation and healthy insulation!

Development is Essential!

Sustainable development, Sustainable earnings #İzocamstandsbehind

With our new packaging that has changed in line with our goals, environmentally friendly İzocam Glass Wool consumes less resources and brings more to our world.


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