Environment, Health And Safety


Izocam has implemented ISO 14001 Environment Management System from 1999 and OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System from 2001 in all its facilities. We the power of Integrated Management System and the active participation of its employees, it continues all of its activities in a way that feeds the sustainability policies with high efficiency and belief.  

Izocam continuously organises activities, drills, and trainings that are aimed towards raising the sensitivity and awareness of its employees on the basis of environment and occupational health safety. With the campaign topics that are determined according to periodic priorities, the culture of Environment, Occupational Health and Safety is nurtured within the Company and an inclusive culture with a new vision and mission continues to be formed with the leadership campaign that started in 2019. 



Safety starts with You!


To make Environment, occupational health and safety (EHS) an indispensable part of our daily work with the participation of all of our employees and to be a sustainable company through “personal commitment, leadership, and perfection”.


Environment, Occupational Health and Safety (EHS) is an essential value of Izocam and an indispensable part of all of our business processes. We care for the health and safety of all of our shareholders while performing our activities, and we feel responsible. We believe that by adding our superior EHS performance to our image as the pioneer of insulation sector, we will increase the power of our Company’s sustainability. At this point, the only objective we have on the matter of EHS is;

  • Occupational accident,

  • Environmental accident and minimum environmental effect,

  • Occupational Illness.

For this, we are locked on a single objective that starts with the visible leadership of our managers with reflecting our new culture to our behaviours. To achieve our objectives, we expect all our employees to take personal initiatives each day to improve EHS implementations and contribute to planned study programs.

We know that; each day that passes safely and healthy will form the basis of a safe and healthy year, safe and healthy tomorrows, and a safe career environment for all of us. 




Izocam Environment, Occupational Health and Safety (EHS) principles contain the base requirements determined to keep our employees, contractors, and guests safe. It is expected for these principles to be accepted and implemented by all the parties in our facility.;