Like many websites, this Site also (the term “Site” is used to cover this web site and the sites of its partners) uses cookie for various purposes. Technical information files, which is called cookies, are small text files that an Internet site sends to a user’s computer or mobile phone browser.

For what purpose and how the cookies are used?

In this Site, it is aimed to provide personalized content, campaging and advertisements to the users in accordance with their interests and needs.

The goal of this to improve the quality of Site experience by preventing unnecessary ad impressions that would not interest the user. Cookies help us to get to know you, which makes the Site more useful and beneficial for you with the content, ads and campaigns we think you might be interested in.

1. Cookies can be used on the sites of other business partners who wish to use this site and this application.
2. Cookies can be used to show ads and campaigns that may interest you when you enter the Site, and to determine whether you are interested in that ad after seeing a content and ad on the Site, and whether you are visiting the site of that product or service.
3. Cookies can be used with the purpose of creating the statics about the number of users visiting the site, the type of user, frequency of visits, user behaviour and habits, and from which countries users visit the site etc. 

What piece of information is collected and processed through cookies? The site from which the site is visited and the site visited after the Site, the geographical location of the users, reactions to the advertising banners on the site, the personal information that the user has given to the Site and its business partners, the preferences made on the Site, the social networking sites movements related to the pages of our Site and business partners will be taken and processed.

The data which is taken from different Sites can also be combined and processed.  Your membership information that you provided to the Site and its business partners’ sites may be received and processed by the Site or its partners for the purposes set forth herein. 

You may be aware of that data is received and processed from social networking sites through certain applications and which data will be processed within the scope of your approval for the application.  It is also possible to prevent the processing of your personal data within the scope you specify by disallowing the relevant application.

Blocking cookie usage:

You may block cookies through your browser, but you may not be able to use certain features on the Site if you block them.   It is advised that to check your browser settings to see if your browser allows you to manage cookies or not.  Sharing of data collected by cookies with the third parties: Behavioural and personal data collected through cookies and described in detail above can be shared with business partners and third parties for the purposes set out in this policy.  On the site, links can be given or access opportunity can be provided to the sites and contents which are managed by third parties. 

3. The Site does not have any control or intervention authority over the person’s content. The “plugins” for third party platforms can be used on the site.   The information collected by users can when they visit the Site may be used by such third party platforms.   If users visit the Site while connected to their accounts on this platform, the information collected by Site and third parties may be associated.  

The user data collected for the purposes mentioned herein may be combined with the data contained in various customer satisfaction-oriented marketing programs belonging to the Site or its business partners and to which the user is a member.  The purpose of this is to provide a personalized service to users by recognizing the need of the user more closely, both within the scope of this application and within the scope of other marketing programs that you are a member of.  The combined data may be processed here and in accordance with the objectives and methods set forth in the membership agreement of the relevant marketing program. 

The personal data processed by the Site or third parties under this policy may be shared with third parties, who receive services for the processing of this data by the Site or third parties, in for a limited extent for the purpose of receiving such services.    The third parties receiving services may keep these data at domestic or foreign and transfer data between the data which is held at domestic or foreign.   All applications mentioned above regarding your personal data will be possible only if you approve the Participation Text prepared for this purpose and submitted to you on the Sites.  Compliance with legal regulations The Site and its business partners do not act for any purpose other than those specified herein and which are not lawful. 

Your data will be protected with high security and your credit card and payment information will not be collected under any circumstances. This application is revised in the face of legal developments and is made in accordance with the form and scope determined by law. The rights of persons whose personal data is processed under the terms of this policy, the persons whose personal data are processed, whether the information related to them are processed or not, the information regarding this if the data were processed, the purpose of the data being processed and whether they are used in accordance with their purpose, who are the third persons which data transferred at home or abroad, correction of them in case of the data is missing or wrong, request that any correction/deletion/destruction be notified to third parties to whom the data is transmitted, provided that it is not impossible or requires disproportionate effort by analysing the processed  data exclusively through automatic systems, the person has the right to object to the occurrence of a result against himself/herself and to demand the damages if the damage occurs due to the processing of the data in contradiction with the relevant legislation. Visiting this Site by the user means that the user grants approval to the usage of cookies under this policy.