Way to lower natural gas bills; insulation


Way to lower natural gas bills; insulation

Izocam points out the benefits of building insulation to lower the bills against 

increasing natural gas prices and approaching winter conditions.  Emphasizing the importance of insulation of facilities in addition to internal and external insulation, Izocam Deputy General Manager Doruk Özcan states that it can be installed during the repairs on the buildings that are already being used and that is could lower natural gas bills for almost 60 percent.


With the increasing natural gas prices and approaching winter season, energy expenses will be one of the most important expenses in both houses and establishments. After the new pricing near the beginning of August, natural gas selling prices of BOTAŞ have increased 29.5 percent in houses and small industrial establishments, 118.3 percent in big industrial establishments in comparison to the end of 2017. Due to the increased prices, natural gas savings in houses and establishments have gained importance. Shouldering the mission of increasing insulation awareness in Turkey, Izocam point outs that getting savings from energy expenses by lowering natural gas usage is not a luxury but a necessity.


Stating that natural gas bills could be reduced 60 percent with appropriate insulations according to regulations, Izocam Deputy General Manager Doruk Özcan says the following: Natural gas prices have increased and citizens are looking for ways to lower the bills in both houses and work places. As Izocam we care greatly about rising awareness on this topic and underscore the big benefits of insulation for reducing the energy expenses in houses and work places in every opportunity. Energy import of Turkey in 2018 have increased by 15.6% when compared to the year before and reached 43 billion dollars. The cost of energy import for economy of our country in the last 10 years is 439 billion dollars. We import more than three quarters of the energy we consume from foreign sources. Having part in total imports with 19.3% with this level, energy import forms a significant part of 2018 foreign trade deficit which is 55 billion dollars. The energy savings we would gain in our houses, industry and facilities is highly important for our country, as well as our own budgets, to lower current deficit and reduce our external dependency for energy. Buildings and systems that are insulated with the right materials and appropriate thickness would be most correct step forward regarding to save energy. It is possible to lower the energy expenses in living areas and work places and make them more comfortable with insulation. Insulations installations in the appropriate thickness from roof to floor improves energy saving and comfort conditions. Glasswool Roof Membrane, Foamboard Terrace Roof Board, Izocam Kalibel, Izocam Izopan Behind-Radiator Board are products that provide instant natural gas saving.


Facility insulation is as important as building insulation

Saying that internal and external insulations of the builds are the first ones to come in mind when talking about insulation but insulation of facilities is just as important, Özcan said these: Insulation of heating and cooling facilities in the buildings allows for easier and faster climatization of spaces, reaching the required temperature and comfort conditions, and keeping the heat for longer, thus providing 60 percent saving on energy.


For instance, in buildings with fittings insulation the hot water in the pipes distributed across the building from the boiler room which is used in the winter, retains its temperature and energy until it reaches the apartments. In the lack of fittings insulation, however, the temperature in the pipes drops before reaching the apartments causing the apartments to take longer to heat up and more fuel (energy) to be burned as the water in the return pipes are cooler and the boiler needs to re-heat them. The efficiency of the boiler is lowered when the temperature in the pipes decreases below a certain threshold. Izocam Glass wool Prefabricated Pipe Insulation is the only way to maintain the water temperature running through the pipes. Facility insulation with Izocam Glass wool Prefabricated Pipe and Valve Coat also prevents the freezing of the water pipes which is another common issue experienced in the winter causing many difficulties. For instance, it prevents the valves at the buildings entrance from bursting when the water in them freezes overnight. Installation of valve jackets as part of the insulation to be installed on the pipes outside the building prevents such difficulties in winter.


Facility insulation can also be installed during repairs


Stating that facility insulation is more common in the buildings that are built within the scope of urban renewal, Izocam Deputy General Manager Doruk Özcan says that facility insulation in buildings can be installed later in the scope of maintenance, and repairs. We know that many people have started repair applications after the increase in natural gas prices and consulted our dealers in this scope.


Usually insulation can be easily installed using Glass Wool Prefabricated Pipes and valve jackets, shortening the ROI period. İzocam Glass Wool Prefabricated Pipes constitute the most effective solution in radiator fittings. Glass wool materials stand out as the most effective insulation products with their combustible properties and their zero compromise on performance when the temperature rises. Moreover, İzocam valve jackets used to insulate the valves in the fittings, provide solutions much higher than the expectations. Valve jacketsflexibility and easiness to install offer major advantages for maintenance activities.


Another key consideration is to have the fittings insulation be installed by skilled and expert persons. This is because only experts can pull off the technical details such as leaving no gaps in the fitting and the equipment and insulating the pipes, the equipment and the valves entirely. The masters installing the insulation need to be educated to be able to insulate the pipes in a proper thickness. Its also necessary for the pipes to not be installed close to one another, to the wall or to the ceiling.

Way to lower natural gas bills; insulation