Izocam Glass Wool Blankets Protect Your Comfort


Izocam Glass Wool Blankets Protect Your Comfort

It is very important to choose products that provide both thermal comfort and fire safety during roof renovation periods. Compliance with thickness values specified in regulations is among primary concerns as well. As a significant portion of heat loss or gain stems from roofs, it is essential to insulate roofs by choosing the right insulation material, on condition that the thickness is above the values specified in regulations.

According to TS-825 Thermal Insulation Rules in Buildings Standard, compliance with insulation thickness values, determined by taking into account different climate regions, results in approximately 50% energy saving.  Thanks to Glass Wool Roof Blanket used for roofs, indoor environment temperature can be kept in desired level for a long time. Glass wool roof blankets allow you to keep your house warm in winter and cool in summer.

Using “Thicker" insulation materials improves economy proportionally while not increasing other costs in the system. Glass wool products Rulopan and Roof Blankets are applied thicker for this reason and contribute to family and country economy by reducing bills significantly.

Depending on their thermal conductivity values, Izocam Glass Wool Roof Blanket is manufactured in three different types, and used on the floor in unused attics, between beams in used attics, horizontal applications with no load, metal and sandwich roofs.

Blankets are applied on the floor in unused attic thermal insulation. Thanks to its lightness, Glass Wool Roof Blanket is easily carried up to the roof, cut into pieces and applied with ease. Resistant to tearing and diminishing, Glass Wool Roof Blanket adapts all types of roofs easily.

Roof insulation is not difficult as one might think. For example, produced as a very light material, Rulopan, which is one of the glass wool products laid on attic floor, can easily be carried up to the roof and cut.  Since it can be used in all types of wood and metal roof, there is no risk of incompatibility. It does not go to waste during application. Thanks to its glass tissue on both surfaces, excellent fibre structure and elasticity, it is easy to place in openings. It also offers long years of comfort without losing its quality with ease of use. Excellently, this product provides fire safety and noise insulation on the roof, as well as thermal insulation.

In terms of eliminating the risk of condensation in winter and discharging the excessive hot air in attic due to the Sun in summer, it is important to ventilate the upper face of the insulation. Another important point is not to cover the blankets with nylon or similar materials. Aluminium foil covered blankets are laid down in a way that the side with foil always faces the hot surface (inner side).  Avoiding putting any load on or walking over the material are included in the rules to be applied. The ability to be lifted up to create a walk way with planks when needed is among other details that make these roof blankets long lasting.

Roofs insulated with Izocam Glass Wool Roof Blankets or Rulopan reduce heat loss in winter and heat gain in summer, decreasing fuel consumption as well as improving indoor comfort significantly.


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Izocam Glass Wool Blankets Protect Your Comfort