Within the scope of OZI Project, the students learn by fun the importance of “Insulation” for Energy Efficiency with a cartoon that was prepared by Grafi 2000 Team and that tells the adventures of the “OZI” character. An actor working in children’s theaters provides training about “insulation” and “energy saving” for a lesson hour. During the training, the children are informed about “Reasons of the Global Warming”, “Energy Sources and Hydroelectric Plants”, “Fossil Fuels as the Primary Energy Sources”, “Energy Consumption”, “Greenhouse Effect”, “Climate Change”, “How to Combat Global Warming?” and “How to Save Energy with Insulation?”.

In the project realized for the children of 3rd, 4th and 5th classes of elementary education, the first training was provided to the schools in Kadikoy district of Istanbul in 12th April 2010 in cooperation with Ministry of National Education and we have reached to over 70 thousand students in 230 schools until now. For the second semester of 2014-2015 school year, the project is going to meet the students in Beyoglu district of Istanbul as well as Tepebasi and Odunpazari districts of Eskisehir. In 2015, our 50th anniversary, we will complete our project by raising awareness of 100 thousand children and 100 thousand family about the insulation.