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İzocam Optima Smart, which is developed for use in light partition wall systems in buildings, inner insulation of external walls, partitions and adjacent walls, walls adjacent to stairwells and elevator shafts, provides fire safety with continuous sound insulation and termal insulation in the areas where it is applied.

Optima Smart is designed as ready-cut in 3 different sizes, taking into account the need for various widths between profiles that differ according to the place of use. Optima Smart, which is offered in cut-to-size form and easily applied, allows the application to be completed in a short time in projects subject to intensive use such as schools, hospitals and hotels. Optima Smart, which stands out with its ease of transportation, space-saving storage, flexible size, lightness, easy cutting, and comfortable handling, is a special “Master-Friendly” insulation material.

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Application Area

  • ‘U’ channels should be used for the head and base of the partition. In order to fix the channels, marking is made along the ceiling and floor, leaving a 1-2 cm gap from the side wall.
  • The channel is fixed to the ceiling and floor at 40 – 60 cm intervals along the marked line as specified in the project.
  • Self-adhesive rubber tape is applied to the surface of the channel to prevent a sound bridge.
  • Vertically placed stud dimension is measured, and the partition wall frame is formed by mounting the studs inside the channels.
  • If no dimensions are specified in the project, then the stud is fixed to the side wall at intervals of 40 cm - 60 cm.
  • After the assembly of the initial stud is completed, the studs are placed back-to-back on the horizontal axis into the channel on the ceiling and floor at 40 - 60 cm intervals if no dimensions are specified in the project, and leveled.
  • Studs and channels forming the perimeter should be tightly butted together with clamping scissors.
  • The packaging of Optima Smart, which consists of pre-cut parts, is opened with a utility knife.
  • The length of the Optima Smart is determined to be 2 or 3 centimeters longer than the wall height and then cut with a utility knife. Optima Smart can also be applied in rolled form without being cut on the floor.
  • Optima Smart is started to be placed from the inside of the head track, it is cladded on the inside of the “C” studs on the right and left sides towards the floor, and the partition insulation is completed by placing Optima Smart on the base track. The same steps are repeated for other partitions.
  • After completing the load-bearing construction of the partition wall, rubber tapes are also recommended to apply stud’s surface to avoid sound bridges.
  • The gypsum boards are mounted after they are placed on the wedges pre-mounted on the floor leaving a gap of 1 cm between the wall and the floor.
  • The gypsum boards are screwed vertically to the studs at a distance of 60 to 80 cm or at intervals specified in the project, thus completing the wall assembly.
  • Self-adhesive plaster mesh is cladded on the joint sections of the gypsum boards. After applying plaster, surfaces can be painted as desired.

Material Safety Forms


Technical Specifications

Properties Symbol Unit Description Tolerance Standard
Type - - Optima Smart (Mineral Yün) - -
Width b mm 400+400+400 600+600 +/-1,5% TS EN 822
Lenght l mm 13.500 10.000 8.000 +/-2% TS EN 822
Thickness d mm 50 75-80 100 T3 ** TS EN 823
Reaction to Fire - - A1 - TS EN 13501-1
Dimensional Stability - % Max. 1 - TS EN 1604
Thermal Conductivity (10 °C) ʎ D W/m.K 0.037 - TS EN 12667/12939
Thermal Resistance RD m2.K/W 1,35 2,00 2,15 2,70 - -
Water Vapor Diffusion Resistance (*) µ - 1 - TS EN 12086
Specific Heat * c kJ/(kg.K) 0.84 - EN 12524
Dynamic Elasticity * Edyn kN/m2 0.8 - DIN 52214
Packaging Material - - PE Film - -
Sound Absorption Coefficient (***) d mm 50 75 100 - -
aw - 0,8 1,0 1,0 - -

* Literature value
** T1: -5 or -5% is allowed. The biggest value is chosen at minus tolerance, the smallest value is chosen at plus tolerance.
*** The values were measured at TUBITAK (Scientific and Technological Research Council of Türkiye) National Metrology Institute.