Mineral Partition Wall Board R+
Mineral Partition Wall Board R+
Mineral Partition Wall Board R+

Mineral Wool Partition Wall Board R+

Izocam introduces the easy-to install master-friendly “Partition Wall Board”! Unique features and ensuring thermal and sound insulation and fire safety, making “Izocam Partition Wall Board” a master-friendly product.

Flexible and soft Partition Wall Board is MASTER-FRIENDLY and it creates comfortable working spaces with easy-to-cut and dust free qualities. Easy to transport thanks to its lightweight composition and user-friendly carrying handle, these boards can stand without any support and never collapse during application. Requiring no additional materials and workmanship, Izocam Partition Wall Board R+ ensure swift application for the installers while saving time and sustaining the quality of application.

Carrying itself and the boards stacked on top, the master-friendly Izocam Partition Wall Board R+ do not collapse or fall down, deteriorate or spoil or become moldy or rusty over time. These boards are also protected against insects and microorganisms. Specially designed packaging guarantees transport and storage advantages while facilitating easy handling.

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Application Area

  • Channel of the partition wall is fastened to the floor and to the ceiling with an anchor at every 60 to 80 cm. It is recommended to apply rubber tapes (İzocamtape) to the channel’s surface which faces
  • Studs of the partition wall are mounted inside the channels to create the frame of the partition wall. Studs in which the insulation material is to be filled are installed in channels back to back at
  • After completing the load-bearing construction of the partition wall, rubber tapes (İzocamtape) are also recommended to apply stud’s surface to avoid sound bridges. Then, gypsum boards are installed o
  • “İzocam Partition Wall Board” of 60 cm width are installed between studs and gypsum boards are installed on the other surface

Material Safety Forms


Technical Specifications

Properties Unit Description Tolerans Standard
Width mm 600 +/-1,5% TS EN 822
Length mm 1200 +/-2% TS EN 822
Thickness mm 40* 50 60 80 100 T3(**) TS EN 823
Reaction to Fire - A1 - EN 13501-1
Squareness mm/m max.5 - TS EN 824
Flatness mm max.6 - TS EN 825
Dimensional Stability % max.1 - TS EN 1604
Maximum Service Temperature °C 250 - -
Specific Heat (***) kJ/(kg.K) 0.84 - EN 12524
Water Vapor Diffusion Resistance Coefficient (*** - 1 - TS EN 12086
Dynamic Elasticity (***) kN/m2 0.8 - DIN 52214
Packaging Material - PE Film - -

* Produce as a plus.

** T3: -3% or -3 mm; +10% or 10 mm. The biggest value is chosen at minus tolerance, the smallest value is chosen at plus tolerance.

*** Literature value.