New Facade Board
New Facade Board
New Facade Board
New Facade Board

Mineral Facade Board

A great deal of architects use the facade to demonstrate their creative ideas. Aesthetic size of the building might be the ?rst thing that comes to mind when mentioning facade design, but economical and functional measurements are also very important. According to the researches, at least 45% of the heat loss occurs on facades. Izocam New Facade Board is preventing those heat losses and gains on facades with it’s high thermal insulation properties which are designed for facades.


Izocam, correct solution for each need.



Izocam, the pioneer of reliable and quali?ed insulation, is providing correct solutions for each need. New Izocam Facade Board that was developed for more comfort and sustainability has water repellent feature and is faced with black glass tissue on one surface is utilized for thermal, sound insulation and ?re safety under the glass, granite, marble, aluminium, wood etc. ventilated facades. Quick and easy application thanks to it’s light and ?exible structure, providing saving in logistics and storage with it’s well compressibility; new facade board aims to provide quali?ed energy saving. 


The gap between cladding material and structural system in ventilated facades will act as a chimney in case of ?re. For this reason, the insulation material should be ?re proof for ?re safety purposes. Izocam Facade Board can be safely used even high-rise buildings thanks to its Class A1 Non-combustible properties.

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Application Area

  • There are countless options in metal structure and their fixation in ventilated facade applications. Architectural preferences, shape of the building, type and weight of the cladding material and dete
  • Metal brackets are anchored to exterior wall with applying of grade control both horizontally and vertically. Numerous factors such as modularity of coating material in array of anchorages, wind moves
  • It is recommended to use starting profile to secure the structure at the starting line. The first row of insulation boards is to be inserted inside the starting profile. The boards must be carefully p
  • In order to fix the insulation boards firmly, anchors are selected in suitable length to ensure they will pass through the thickness of the board and penetrate at least 4-5 cm into the masonry. Number
  • Vertical profiles that in proper length and size are mounted to brackets with steel screws.
  • Cladding modules (tile, stone, ceramic, wood, metal, glass etc.) are either fixed with special anchor items to sub-structure or fixed directly on vertical profiles.

Material Safety Forms


Technicial Specifications