Manto Stone Wool
Manto Stone Wool

Manto Stone Wool

It is an unfaced stone wool boards that is produced specially with respect to TS EN 13500 standards. It is utilized at external thermal insulation composite systems for thermal insulation, sound insulation and fire safety purposes.

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Application Area

  • First of all, the surface to be used in the application should be checked to ensure that it is smooth and dry.
  • If the surface is rough and with scrapes it should be cleaned by brushing.
  • Unevenness, major defects and cracks should be repaired by means of plaster.
  • The boards can be adhered to the surface using cement based fixing mortar by different methods.
  • The boards should be laid down without any gap side by side on the wall surface shortly after spreading fixing mortar over the boards.
  • The adhesive should not be spread near the edges of the board in order to prevent the adhesive getting into the joints.
  • The boards are laid down in an alternating pattern at the facades and the corners. When the fixing mortar is completely dry (approximately after 24 hours) the anchoring process can be started.
  • Special insulation fastening anchors are used which are chosen with respect to the wall properties.
  • Tiled surfaces or surfaces with old plaster are not suitable for anchoring.

Material Safety Forms


Technical Specifications

Properties Symbol Unit Description Tolerance Standard
Material - - Stone Wool - TS EN 13162
Material Type - - Manto Stone Wool - -
Density ρ kg/m3 150 +/- % 7 -
Width w mm 600 +/-1,5% TS EN 822
Length l - 1200 +/-2% TS EN 822
Thickness t mm 30 40 50 60 80 100 120 T5 * TS EN 823
Facing - - Unfaced - -
Reaction to fire - - A1 - TS EN 13501-1
Squareness Sb mm/m max.5 - TS EN 824
Flatness Smax mm max.6 - TS EN 825
Dimensional Stability Δεd % max.1 - TS EN 1604
Declared Thermal Conductivity (10°C) ʎD W/mK 0.039 - TS EN 12667/12939
Thermal Resistance RD m2K/W 0,75 1.00 1.25 1.50 2.05 2.55 3.05    
Water Vapor Diffusion Resistance Coefficient ** µ - 1 - TS EN 12086
Pulling Strength σmt kPa min. 7,5 min. 10 min. 15 - TS EN 1607
Compressive Strength σ10 kPa min. 25 min. 30   TS EN 826
Long Term Water Absorption Wlp kg/m2 max. 3 - TS EN 12087
Short Term Water Absorption Wp kg/m2 max. 1 - TS EN 1609
Packaging Material - - PE Film - -
Other Information Manto Stone Wool insulation boards are manufactured regarding to the technical specifications of insulation boards stated in TS EN 13500 for “Mineral wool (stone wool) based external thermal insulation composite systems” and in compliance with TS 901-1 EN 13162 standard.

* T5: -1% or -1 mm; +3 mm. The biggest value is chosen at minus tolerance, the smallest value is chosen at plus tolerance.

** Literature value.