Kalibel Glass Wool
Kalibel Glass Wool
Kalibel Glass Wool
Kalibel Glass Wool

Kalibel Glass Wool

Kalibel is a composite product with gypsum board facing one one side and aluminium foil in between. It is used on the inner surfaces of exterior walls, adjacent walls, internal walls of the buildings, periphery walls of staircases and elevator shafts and as internal wall lining timber framed buildings for fire safe thermal and sound insulation purposes.

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Application Area

  • Wall surface to be insulated is cleaned and prepared for the application.
  • Boards are cut according to the wall size so that there is 1 cm.
  • gap off the floor and 0.5 cm off the ceiling is left.
  • Special gypsum fixing mortar is put on the glass wool side of the board, so that 3-5 kg (8-9 chunks) per square meter is applied.
  • Kalibel boards are placed on to the wedges of 10 mm which were put in beforehand.
  • After the boards are leaned against the wall, a rubber hammer and a floating rule are used for levelling.
  • The boards are supported until the adhesive sets.
  • The joints are filled with a special net and paste.
  • The application is completed with top coat paint.
  • Since the walls with Kalibel application work with mass-spring-mass principle, they offer better sound insulation and do not impose load on the building than the one layered and heavy walls which only work with mass principle.
  • Aluminium foil between glass wool board and gypsum board prevents the risk of condensation.

Material Safety Forms


Technical Specifications

Propoerties Symbol Unit Description Tolerance Standard
Material - - Glass Wool - -
Width b mm 1200 +/-1,5% TS EN 822
Length l mm 2700 +/-2% TS EN 822
Thickness d mm 15 30 50 ** TS EN 823
Facing - - Gypsum Board - -
Reaction to Fire - - A2-s1,d0 - TS EN 13501-1
Squareness Sb mm/m max. 5 - TS EN 824
Flatness Smax mm max. 6 - TS EN 825
Dimensional Stability Δεd % max. 1 - TS EN 1604
Declared Thermal Conductivity (10 °C) ʎD W/m.K 0.031 - TS EN 12667/12939
Thermal Resistance RD m2.K/W 0.45 0.95 1.60 - -
Specific Heat* c kJ/(kg.K) 0.84 - EN 12524
Dynamic Elasticity* Edyn kN/m2 0.8 - DIN 52214
Packaging Material - - Palet - -

 * Values taken from technical literature for mineral wools.

** -3% or -3 mm; +10% or 10 mm. The larger value is taken for negative tolerance, and the smaller value is taken for positive tolerance.