New Industrial Building Board
New Industrial Building Board
New Industrial Building Board
New Industrial Building Board

Industrial Building Board

It is used for thermal insulation purpose between two metals on roofs and sidewalls of metal buildings which are installed on-site. Natural characteristics of mineral wools contribute to sound insulation. It provides fire safety with its class A1 non combustible property. It has a silicon additive, so it does not include water to its structure.


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Application Area

  • By spreading a coat of nylon cover on corrugated metal sheet of the roof as a vapor barrier, its joints are overlapped 10 cm and glued.
  • Industrial Building Board is placed on vapor barrier layer. The application is completed with metal cladding.
  • One layer of nylon cover is laid on corrugated metal roofing sheet as a vapour barrier.
  • It is overlapped at the seams by 10 cm.
  • and adhered to the surface.
  • On top of vapour barrier layer, Industrial Building Board is placed.
  • The application is completed by metal cladding.
  • Applying acoustic band in front of the spacers is recommended in order to prevent sound and thermal bridges where metal pieces come in contact to each other.

Material Safety Forms


Technicial Specifications