Foamboard 1500 D

Foamboard 1500

These are extruded polystyrene boards with skin surface. They are used for the thermal insulation of inclined roofs with utilized attics.

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Application Area

  • Foamboard 1500 D thermal insulation boards are applied on rafters.
  • Every type of roof cladding can be utilized in this which is carried out without using any roof board.
  • End strip and thermal insulation board to be used should have the same thickness.
  • End strip is fastened to the edges of the rafters with nails along the eave.
  • The boards are laid over the rafters at right angle starting from the end strip to the roof ridge.
  • Care should be taken to adjust the edges properly.
  • Then cover strips are nailed to the boards that sit on the rafters.
  • Consequently, a vapour permeable water proofing membrane is laid over from the eave to the ridge with overlaps.
  • Tile fastening strip which are placed vertical to the cover strips, are nailed on to the cover strips.
  • The application is completed by fixing roofing tiles to the tile fastening strips.

Material Safety Forms


Technicial Specifications