Flat Roof Board
Flat Roof Board

Flat Roof Board

Flat Roof Board is stone wool board which is manufactured either unfaced for both faces or coated with glass tissue reinforced bitumen on one face. They are utilized for the thermal insulation, sound insulation and fire safety of all kinds of metal and timber roofs of all inclinations, of accessible or inaccessible conventional flat roofs.

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Application Area

  • Izocam Stone Wool Flat Roof Boards are used for thermal insulation, sound insulation and fire safety purposes under waterproofing.
  • Inaccessible Flat Roof Applications: One layer of nylon cover is laid on corrugated metal roofing sheet as a vapour barrier.
  • It is overlapped at the seams by 10 cm. and adhered to the surface.
  • According to thermal insulation thickness, one or two layers of Izocam Stone Wool Flat Roof Board are laid on vapour barrier layer by fastening to the corrugated metal cover with anchors which have la
  • After that, Izocam Stone Wool Bituminous Flat Roof Boards are laid broadly.
  • It is recommended to alternate board seams when two layer application is preferred.
  • On top of that, waterproofing membrane (bituminous membrane, pvc, tpo, etc.) is applied.
  • If there is any concrete or autoclaved aerated (AAC) roof panels, vapour barrier membranes are spread on and adhered to them.
  • On top of that, Izocam Stone Wool Bituminous Flat Roof Boards are laid broadly and are fastened with anchor with wide washers
  • Then waterproofing cover is applied on top.
  • Then vapour barrier membrane is placed on and adhered to it.
  • Waterproofing cover is applied on top and a layer of felt is laid on.
  • Accessible Flat Roof Applications: Levelling concrete is applied on concrete or AAC roof panels.

Material Safety Forms


Technical Specifications

Properties Symbol Unit Description Tolerance Standard
Material - - Stone Wool - TS EN 13162
Density ρ kg/m3 150 +/-10% -
Width w mm 600 +/-1,5% TS EN 822
Length l mm 1200 +/-2% TS EN 822
Facing - - Unfaced - -
Thickness Unfaced t mm 30 40 50 60 80 100 120 T4 * TS EN 823
Reaction to Fire - - A1 - TS EN 13501-1
Declared Thermal Conductivity (10 °C) λD W/mK 0.039 - TS EN 12667 / 12939
Thermal Resistance RD m2.K/W 0.75 1.00 1.25 1.50 2.05 2.55 3.05 - TS EN 13162
Water Vapor Diffusion Resistance Coefficient** µ - 1 - TS EN 12086
Compressive Strength σ10 kPa 25 40 55 65 75 85 100 - TS EN 826
Short Term Water Absorption Wp kg/m2 max 1 - TS EN 1609
Long Term Water Absorption Wlp kg/m2 max 3 - TS EN 12087
Packaging Material - - PE Film - -
Other Information Yellow/black glass tissue and aluminium foil faced are available.

* T4: -3% or -3 mm; +5% or +5mm. The biggest value is chosen at minus tolerance, the smallest value is chosen at plus tolerance.

** Literature value.