Peflex Pipe

Peflex Pipe

Izocam Peflex is a polyethylene foam material in the form of pipe that has closed cell structure. It is manufactured to be used for thermal insulation and condensation control in solar energy systems, air conditioning, and cooling.

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Application Area

  • It is used in cold water systems; solar energy systems; systems functioning with dual temperatures; for thermal insulation and condensation control purposes.
  • The pipe to be insulated and the polyethylene pipe should fit properly and no gap should be left in between.
  • Joints should be tightly sealed.
  • The application should be protected against distruption and rupture. For the applications exposed to the sun, definitely a protective coat or a protective paint should be used.
  • For the outdoor applications, the surface should be coated within 5 days.
  • Aluminium foil coating increases the vapour resistance and impact resistance of the material. Since it prevents the sun rays, it protects the material against UV and prolongs its life.
  • It should not be exposed to direct sun light and it should be preferred for indoor spaces.
  • There is no need to use protective coating or painting for indoor spaces getting natural sun.
  • Metallized film coating is a polyethylene material with high density that is preferred since it is shiny and has a similar apperance with aluminium foil.

Material Safety Forms


Technicial Specifications