It is a black glass wool blanket faced with acrylen on one side. It is used for the sound insulation, thermal insulation and fire safety of ventilating and air conditioning ducts.

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Application Area

  • Before Izocam Acoustic is applied, duct surfaces to be used are cleaned to make sure the surface is free from dust and grease.
  • The duct to be insulated should be measured inside to inside.
  • Attention should be paid to the insulation thickness and Izocam Acoustic should be cut in accordance with the measurement.
  • Self adhesive fixing pins are placed into the duct according to the air flow velocity. Izocam acoustic adhesive is spread over the duct surface by the help of a brush and the boards cut to be used are laid over.
  • All transverse and longitudinal joints should be sealed to ensure they fit properly and no gap is left.
  • Lock washers should be put over pins.
  • Lenght of pins should assure minimum 10 % compression of insulation thickness.
  • Excess ends of the pins should be snipped off

Material Safety Forms


Technicial Specifications