Foamboard 2000 D - 2500 D - 3000 D - 3500 D

Foamboard 2000 D - 2500 D - 3000 D - 3500 D

It is an extruded polystyrene board used for thermal insulation of below grade exterior walls of basements, on-grade floors of buildings.

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Application Area

  • The membrane (bituminous, pvc, tpo, ect.) forming water and vapour proofing is rolled out on existing levelling concrete.
  • Foamboard boards of 2000 D - 2500 D - 3000 D - 3500 D are laid together without applying adhesive so that the joints are adjusted.
  • Filter element and cover that serves as seperator felt are laid on the boards.
  • For the inaccessible flat roofs, a layer of washed round light-coloured gravel is placed on top of the separator cover in order to put weight and to reflect sun rays.
  • For the accessible flat roofs, precast tiles (concrete, wood, etc.) are placed resting on plastic wedges.
  • If desired, floor coverings applied with sand or grout can be used as well.
  • For the garden flat roofs, the layers including gravel are applied like the inaccessible flat roof.
  • Filter element and plant soil are laid out on the gravel to finish off the process.

Material Safety Forms


Technicial Specifications