The insulation of Turkey's giant projects is entrusted to Izocam!

Izocam, which has been the name of insulation in Turkey since 1965, continues to be the solution partner of giant projects with its products that are friendly to human health and the environment.

The insulation of many important projects of Turkey, from mass housing projects to commercial centers, from student dormitories to places of worship, is entrusted to Izocam quality! Here is the project that Izocam has been serving with healthy insulation solutions in Ankara recently:

Ankara Zen Park Plus Project

The insulation of Zen Park Plus, one of the most popular housing projects in Ankara, was carried out with the assurance of Izocam. The Zen Park Plus project, consisting of 112 apartments and 16 commercial areas, was built by Nesce Group in Ankara Yeni Batı Mahallesi. In the project with an area of 5 thousand 800 square meters, a total of 5 thousand 67 square meters of Izocam 120/6 mantle stonewool product was used.

Products that are friendly to human health and the environment!

Izocam is preferred because of its years of experience, pre- and post-sales support as well as products that are friendly to human health and the environment.

Izocam mineral wools:

     * Contribute to energy saving and protects the health of the building with its high standards of thermal insulation power. 

     * Increase the fire safety of buildings by providing high resistance to fire with its Class A fireproof feature.

     * Izocam mineral wool products, which also have TSE and CE certificates, offer a comfortable indoor environment thanks to their sound insulation feature.

     * With the EUCEB certificate it has held for many years, it is proven that they not carcinogenic and do not harm human health with international standards.

     * With the EUCEB certificate, it is proven that the fibers that penetrate the body through the skin and respiration are removed from the body by dissolving.

     * Thanks to the recycled materials used in their production, they allow the buildings they are used at to obtain green building certificates such as LEED - BREAM.

Comprehensive insulation consultancy before and after sales

Izocam, which provides insulation consultancy services to its customers in addition to its advanced quality products, recommends the right product in terms of thermal insulation, acoustic comfort, installation insulation and fire safety in accordance with the regulations and projects. İzocam and its products are preferred for the insulation of brand projects due to their quality, reliability and expertise of the services they provide before and after sales.



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