İzocam in the Press

The choice of the air conditioning industry for high condensation control and fire resistance: İzocamflex

İzocam, the leading brand of the insulation sector, continues to set an example for the installation sector with “İzocamflex”.

As an environmentally friendly product, “İzocamflex” provides all-around protection in tube lines with its strong thermal insulation, Euroclass B fire safety and high condensation control features.

With the goal of developing the right solution for the right need in changing market conditions, with its R&D studies, İzocam has developed the "İzocamflex" which offers high thermal comfort with less cost.

Designed for use in heating, cooling, ventilation and air-conditioning systems, İzocamflex, in the form of elastomeric rubber-based closed porous tube and sheet, provides strong thermal insulation, high condensation control and Euroclass B fire safety on the surfaces of the tube lines in the systems it is applied to.

As an environmentally friendly product with high thermal insulation, İzocamflex creates sustainable living spaces and directs users to consume less energy. Energy use is of great importance in terms of the “UN Sustainable Development Goals”. How you use energy determines the future in order to achieve these goals, which consist of headlines such as “Healthy

and Quality Life”, “Accessible and Clean Energy”, “Decent Work and Economic Growth”, “Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure”, “Sustainable Cities and Communities”, “Responsible Production and Consumption”, “Climate Action” and “Partnerships for Purposes”. 

İzocamflex is characterized as a thermoeconomic product due to its great contribution to energy saving. Standing out with its Euroclass B fire safety specification, İzocamflex allows high fire resistance to be obtained in the areas where it is used.