İzocam in the Press

Our Managing Director Murat Savcı was the guest of ST Industry Radio in November

In the current age, the danger is very close-by as our energy resources are rapidly depleted. It is estimated that the world's oil reserves have a life span of 40 years, natural gas reserves 60 years, and coal reserves approximately 240 years. Imbalances in energy supply and demand are reflected in the prices of energy resources. The rises in natural gas and LPG are shaking the end consumer's budget.

In our country, 35% of the energy is consumed in houses. The most energy leakage in buildings occurs in buildings without thermal insulation. A large part of the money that comes out of the pockets of consumers is lost in houses that cannot be heated or cooled.

With an optimistic estimate, only 20 percent of over 10 million buildings in Turkey are insulated in accordance with regulations… However, with the right thermal insulation applications in buildings, the amount spent for heating or cooling can be reduced by at least half. In fact, thanks to the "Multi Comfort Buildings", derived from the concept of a house with near zero energy, energy savings of up to 90% can be achieved compared to an uninsulated building.

Our Managing Director, Murat Savci, discussed all these issues on the live broadcast of ST Industry Radio on November 2, 2021, in Çetin Ünsalan's Real

Markets Program.  Providing information about Izocam's current activities and future goals in the program, Murat Savci made important statements about the contribution of insulation to energy saving and sustainability, and insulation solutions against fire and noise.

You can access the recording of the program from this link: