İzocam in the Press

Our Corporate Attitude is behind our GM Meeting Rooms

Strategic and conscious decisions are behind every step we take as Izocam. We wanted to use “Izocam is behind it” motto which expresses that we proudly stand behind the works we do with this perspective in our offices. We reflected this motto we use in our websites, social media accounts, and advertisement campaigns on our walls in our workplaces through the topics in our strategy. 

The door in the area General Directorate is located in welcomes the visitors with “Izocam is behind it” motto. Whereas in our workplaces, we express our mission to our visitors while also remembering it ourselves by saying ‘Izocam is behind’ colossal projects and sustainable tomorrows, since 1965.

And our Attitudes is behind the concepts of our meeting rooms. To better internalize the Izocam Attitudes we’ve launched in 2018 and which we all know very well, we created the names of our meeting rooms from the central themes of our attitudes. We wanted to add more life by choosing easy to say words in Turkish and English, and with colours that are expressed by our Attitudes. 

In this scope,

EMPATHY room; is based on the fundamental philosophy of ‘Closeness to our Customer’ attitude which is one of the key goals of our company strategy. Choice of Orange Colour represents what needs to be prioritized, taken care of, and understood. Izocam employees improving their ability to empathise, act by placing themselves in the shoes of customers is leading our attitudes that need to be remembered.

MOSAIC room; is derived from ‘An Open and Inclusive Culture’ attitude which reminds to accept the differences, that everyone and every culture being together is important to create the team spirit. Blue colour being one of the main colours and used to create various colours reflects the positive perspective of the company on differences and diversity. 

REFORM room; is the expression of ‘Innovativeness’ attitude which encourages to reform in the required areas by thinking outside the box, being original, and trying new solutions. Turquoise is used as the colour of change and innovation.
FOCUS room; is derived from the ‘entrepreneurship’ attitude which reminds to work result-oriented as if it’s our own company, performance, and to be result-oriented. Green is used due to being the colour of trust and cooperation. 
SPRINT room; is created to remind the ‘Agility’ attitude that is the expression of being quick in action and in mind, being proactive, and acting quickly. Yellow represents the quickness and practicality, creating impacts that are noticed immediately. 
BALANCE room; is designed to remind to stay on balance by correctly planning our daily life, work and private life being the foremost concerns, and to work balanced. This room in which no colour is used due to it representing being neutral, balancing is focused on.