İzocam in the Press

New packaging suitable for environmentally friendly İzocam Stone Wool with bio-solubility EUCEB certification

Leading the insulation sector in Turkey for 56 years, Izocam renewed the packaging of Izocam Stone Wool which enables healthy, safe and economical insulation, in a way to emphasize the global targets set by the United Nations for Sustainable Development. Contributing directly to 8 of 17 global targets, Izocam Stone Wool's new packages attract attention with their environmental friendliness.

Izocam Stone Wool, which has been proven not to harm human health with the EUCEB certificate, has visibly reflected the EUCEB and bio-solubility emphasis on its new packaging.

Izocam, the leading brand in the insulation industry, has redesigned its packaging, emphasizing its contribution to the global targets set by the United Nations for Sustainable Development, expressing its sensitivity to human health and the environment. In the new semi-transparent white packages, the use of less paint was included, and the packaging lengths and the packaging amounts used were rearranged and an environmentally friendly packaging was aimed. The new packaging of Izocam Stone Wool product includes 8 direct contributions to the sustainability and global targets of the United Nations. İzocam General Director Murat Savcı stated that they aim to highlight the contribution of İzocam Stone Wool within the scope of

the Global Goals for Sustainable Development developed by the UN within the scope of combating global climate change and expected to be completed by 2030 and to raise awareness among sector professionals and said: “Izocam contributes to many of the 17 global targets set by the United Nations for Sustainable Development so far, thanks to the features of its products. We do our part in achieving 8 important goals such as 'Sustainable Cities and Living Spaces', 'Responsible Consumption and Production', 'Climate Action' and 'Partnerships for Goals', 'Healthy Individuals', 'Accessible and Clean Energy', 'Decent Work and Growth', 'Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure', which are among the 17 global goals of the UN, due to our products being harmless to human health, saving energy and contributing to sustainability. However, we wanted to continue to be a pioneer in terms of both the end user and industry professionals making their selection of insulation products with this awareness, knowing the contribution of these products to carbon emission reduction and focusing on their short and long term benefits, and we have carried this emphasis on our packaging”.

The EUCEB certificate given only to the bio product category and the bio-solubility feature stated in this document stand out in the new packages of Izocam Stone Wool. Leading the insulation sector with regards to protecting the human health and environment for the future generations as the first insulation company in Turkey, carried the EUCEB logo visibly on its packaging. Murat Savcı said; “Although the laws in our country do not require it, we take care to produce products that use recycled materials in their construction and have proven not to harm human health. For 13 years, Izocam has the privilege of being the first among the manufacturers of Thermal Insulation Material and leading the sector in this regard, with its continuous investments in Stone Wool products for EUCEB certification. We believe that a healthy life is the fundamental right of every living thing and we feel responsible for raising the awareness of our people about healthy insulation. For this reason, we take care to highlight the EUCEB logo visibly on our packages”. 

Stating that the amount of plastic used was reduced with the new 4-sided packaging adaptation, Murat Savcı said, “While designing the new package of Izocam Stone wool, we took care to keep the two surfaces partially open. Thus, we both allowed the products to breathe and reduced our packaging waste amount”. 

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