Meet Izocam Optiflex for better condensation control and high thermal insulation

Defined as “thermoeconomical” by Izocam, Izocam Optiflex provides a high contribution to thermal insulation and better condensation control with its renewed µ 5000 characteristic.

Izocam Optiflex, produced in the form of an elastomeric rubber-based closed porous pipe and sheet, for use in heating, cooling and ventilation systems, is applied to provide thermal insulation and condensation control on the outer surface. 

As the global warming is a great danger today, energy efficient, environmentally friendly buildings are very important both for the protection of our world and for our country's economy. Environmentally friendly products that contribute to energy savings with high thermal insulation create sustainable living spaces and lead users to consume less energy. By providing high thermal insulation and directing the user to less energy consumption, Izocam Optiflex also contributes to the creation of sustainable living spaces from this perspective.

The efficient use of energy is of great importance in terms of the UN's Sustainable Development Goals. Izocam Optiflex, which directly affects 8 of 17 Development Goals such as “Accessible and Clean Energy, Responsible Production and Consumption, Sustainable City and Living Spaces, Industry

Innovation and Infrastructure, Healthy Individuals, Climate Action, Decent Work and Economic Growth”, also contributes to the reduction of energy bills. From the perspective of thermal insulation economy, Izocam Optiflex provides heat gain with less cost in the first investment and offers the balance of "Optimum Thermal Insulation, Optimum Investment Price" in the installation. In this perspective, it is also described as thermoeconomic.

“İzocam Optiflex”, which can be used between the temperatures of -50˚C to 105˚C and which was renewed this year with its µ 5000 characteristic, provides better condensation control in installation insulation. The product does not contain CFCs and provides ease of application with its very flexible structure during application.

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