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Izocam underlines the importance of a healthy insulation during Energy Saving Week

Izocam underlines the importance of a healthy insulation during Energy Saving Week İzocam notes the importance of insulation products with EUCEB certificate, which do not harm the human health as well as the energy efficiency in the Energy Saving Week that is celebrated between 11-17 January.Just as it is across the World, even though the energy demand increases with each passing year in our country, natural energy sources such as oil, natural gas, and coal is getting depleted. In countries that are dependent on the foreign sources for energy like Turkey, while alternative energy sources are invested in, energy efficiency is also held in high priority. It is important for energy saving to apply the correct insulation applications just as well as using the existent energy sources smartly and without any waste. But, while getting the thermal insulation applied while giving high priority to energy saving, human  health and environment needs not to get harmed as well.  In this sense, whether the products used in thermal insulation have certificated that show

compliance to standards such as TSE and CE, and a certificate that proves they are not harmful to human health such as EUCEB needs to  be questioned, especially for mineral wool products.Murat Savcı, General Director of Izocam which is the first insulation company of Turkey and produce quality insulation products in all application fields from floor

to roof,walls to installations with its 56 years of experience, pointed that they underline the relation between insulation-energy efficiency and sustainability in every platform. Savcı said: “All the products Izocam produces contribute directly to the 8 of ’17 Global Goals for Sustainable Development’ developed by United Nations for the fight against global climate change and expected to be completed by 2030. In this scope, with the specifications and benefits our products provide, our products contribute directly to the topics of ‘Healthy Individuals, ‘Accessible and Clean Energy, ‘Business and Growth Worthy of People, ‘Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure’, ‘Sustainable City and Living Areas’, ‘Responsible Consumption and Production’, ‘Climate Action’ and ‘Partnerships for Goals’. Therefore, while our products contribute to energy saving, they also play an important role to build sustainable buildings and don’t disregard human health while doing these”.Saying that when considering the energy saving-sustainability relation, the building with the best energy efficiency can be achieved with multi-comfort buildings, Murat Savcı said “insulation applied with the correct material and correct thickness is the biggest step that can be taken for energy saving. ‘Multi Comfort Buildings’ that is derived from close to zero energy house concept and aims for bio-climate design while holding sustainability, ecological, economic and social factors in consideration, provide maximum thermal comfort alongside the high energy saving. Providing perfect acoustic and visual comfort, high quality indoors air, fire protection and safety, ‘Multi Comfort Building’ that can have very flexible solutions for both indoors and outdoors, aims for at least 90% energy saving compared to a building without insulation. These buildings enable contributions to lower the foreign dependency for countries like Turkey which imports more than three quarters of their energy need”.Stating that insulation products that consider the human health while providing energy saving should be used, Izocam General Director Murat Savcı underlined that Izocam stone wool and glass wool products are the first products to get EUCEB certificate in the sector and all the investments for this certificate have been continuing for more than 10 years. Savcı said: “The fibres that penetrate the body via skin and breathing are proved to be removed from the body with EUCEB certificate. With this certificate, we can say that that Izocam Stone Wool and Glass Wool products are not carcinogenic is proved by an independent organisation. Our goal in maintaining these studies that are based on human health and safety is due to our belief that human health is the most fundamental right. During this period in which health has gained a special importance, we want to point out that EUCEB logo located on the products of manufacturers that meet the requirements of EUCEB holds a deeper meaning than just a symbol. Our living areas are our most valuable assets, and we believe that it is everybody’s right to know what insulation products are used behind these assets”.

Savcı: “Turkey has a long way to go for insulation”

Assessing the existing building in our country in regards to insulation, Murat Savcı said that with an optimistic estimation, only 20 percent of the buildings in the nearly 10 million building stock of Turkey are insulated according to TS 825 Thermal Insulation in Buildings  Regulations. Underlining that we are behind the developed countries when considering insulation awareness and use of insulation materials, Savcı said “there is a long way for us to go as a country regarding insulation. Insulation sector in our country has a market of 11 million m³ and we see that there is 0.13 m³ of insulation material usage per person. While Europe is a comparatively matured market, the insulation market which is at 270 million m³ level has 0.61 m³ annual insulation consumption per person. When we look at the aforementioned data, we can see that there is a ‘Thick Insulation’ understanding common in Europe.  When we look at Turkey, we import three quarters of the energy we consume from foreign sources. Energy import on this level forms the biggest part of our foreign trade deficit. To reduce the current deficit to a lower level and to reduce our foreign dependency in energy, energy efficiency and good insulation applications are paramount”.

Why is EUCEB certificate important?

EUCEB (European Certification Board for mineral wool products) is the certification authority that monitors mineral wool products which are not classified as carcinogenic according to 1272/2008 /EC numbered European Directive. EUCEB Certified glass wool and stone wool are fibres that are proven not to be carcinogenic. Therefore, EUCEB certificate is very important for mineral wool products. Independent sampling organisation takes samples from the facilities of the manufacturer with the certificate biannually and sends these samples to an independent test centre for the analysis of its chemical composition. The results are checked by EUCEB Quality Board. Furthermore, the facilities share the analysis reports of the fibres of the products they produce with EUCEB each week and reports are supervised by independent experts. Thus the guarantee of EUCEB continues for the duration of the certificate. EUCEB Certificate proves that Izocam Stone Wool and Izocam Glass Wool products are harmless to health for the duration of their lifetime.