İzocam in the Press

İzocam takes environmentally friendly steps for 'sustainable tomorrows'

Leading the insulation sector with its products that do not harm the environment and human health, İzocam takes environmentally friendly steps for "sustainable tomorrows" in every field from its products to its facilities.

İzocam, which has been leading the Turkish insulation industry for 57 years, not only keeps the environment and people in mind with the products it manufactures, but also modernizes its facilities in a way that is compatible with environmental conditions, with the aim of achieving "sustainable tomorrows". Speaking about the chimney filter investment they made at the last Tarsus facility in order to ensure that the facilities operate with minimum environmental impact, İzocam Managing Director Murat Savcı said; “We aim to reduce all emissions well below the standards with our new filter investment. Thanks to this large-scale, environmentally friendly investment, we will achieve world-class air emission values. This important project is İzocam's contribution to a sustainable world.” Referring to the company's zero carbon target, Savcı said, “As İzocam, we have set targets to be carbon neutral until 2050, and within this scope, we have created our road maps for 2025 and 2030. We have taken over the investment plans that will reduce direct and indirect greenhouse gas emissions by at least 33% by 2030.”


İzocam included its contribution to the environment in its new product packaging

Another important environmental contribution of İzocam was the packaging renewal project. İzocam, which started to renew its packaging in the mineral wool product group in the past, renewed İzocam Glasswool packages with priority in a way to emphasize its contribution to the global targets set by the United Nations for Sustainable Development. In 2021, İzocam Stonewool packages were renewed to express the sensitivity of the product to human health and the environment. While using less paint in the new semi-transparent white packaging, the packaging sizes and the amount of packaging used were rearranged. Therefore, the amount of waste generation was reduced and an environmentally friendly packaging was created to contribute to sustainability.

İzocam is behind the healthy and environmentally friendly insulation

In current time when we remember that health is important for all living creatures, Murat Savcı, who also emphasizes the use of insulation products that protect the health of all living things, especially humans, and the nature, stated that although the laws in our country do not necessitate it, İzocam takes care to manufacture products that are proven to not harm human health, using recycled materials. Underlining that they have been leading the sector with their continuous investments in İzocam Stonewool and İzocam Glasswool products for the EUCEB certificate for 14 years and 13 years, respectively, Savcı emphasized that, “With their EUCEB certificate, İzocam brand mineral wools prove with international standards that they are products that do not harm human health and can dissolve in nature. With the EUCEB certificate, which proves that the fibers that penetrate the body through the skin and respiration are eliminated from the body by dissolving, it is certified by an independent institution that İzocam Stonewool and İzocam Glasswool products are not carcinogenic. Products with EUCEB certificate are always tested and it is guaranteed that the fibers are harmless during the certificate period.

On the other hand, İzocam continues its warning activities to ensure that XPS and EPS polystyrene-based products do not contain HBCD, which is defined as a permanent organic pollutant. The use of HBCD in these products has been banned in our country as of November 2019. Therefore, when purchasing XPS and EPS products, it should be noted that they are 'HBCD Free' (do not contain HBCD). İzocam brand XPS and EPS products are manufactured within the framework of the laws in a way that will not harm the environment and human health.

Moving with awareness for a sustainable and healthy future, another important feature of İzocam's products is that they directly contribute to 8 of the "17 Global Goals for Sustainable Development" developed by the United Nations within the scope of combating global climate change. With their features and benefits, İzocam products support the realization of important goals that are expected to be completed by 2030 and invest in our future, such as “Health and Quality Life”, “Accessible and Clean Energy”, “Decent Work and Economic Growth”, “Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure”, “Sustainable Cities and Communities”, “Responsible Production and Consumption”, “Climate Action” and “Partnerships for Purposes”.