Izocam shared tips to be a strong employer brand

Izocam Human Resources Director Gözdehan Çaycı emphasized that innovative, environmentally and human-friendly companies are moving faster towards becoming an employer brand.

Making evaluations about strong employer brand strategies, Izocam Human Resources Director Gözdehan Çaycı emphasized that brands that are open to innovations and that are sensitive to the environment and people stand stronger as employer brands and are more preferred by young talents. Çaycı stated that the purpose of existence, principles and values ​​and corporate attitudes are also included in the basis of employer brand strategies as İzocam; “İzocam has been operating in the construction and building materials sector for 56 years in the field of insulation. We define our purpose of existence as developing environmentally friendly and sustainable insulation solutions that provide energy saving and comfort, without harming natural resources, taking into account the safety of life and property. We are a company that started with this aim and works with the motivation of efficient use of resources, climate change, construction of sustainable structures, energy saving, protecting the environment and improving the quality of life.”

Attracts the younger generation with its principles of diversity and change

Saying that Izocam is a company that attracts the attention of the young

generation in terms of its purpose of existence and its field of activity, Gözdehan Çaycı emphasized that they are working towards providing a quality, strong and preferable employee experience to their employees. Çaycı said,  “We have a very strong and well-founded culture on gender equality, which attracts the attention of the younger generation. As Izocam, we act against all kinds of discrimination and act with an approach that believes that diversity and differences are the greatest wealth and supports this.”

Emphasizing that another important step they took in order to attract the attention of new talents and enable their current employees to work in a modern structure, Çaycı said, “The pace of change in the world is increasing day by day. In today's world, which is defined as the VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous) world, companies are going through major changes in order to maintain their existence successfully… We can say that Izocam has undergone a great change during this period. In order to adapt to this change, we developed Izocam Attitudes in 2016; We use these five attitudes, which we define as being close to the customer, being agile, being innovative, acting like an entrepreneur, and creating an open and inclusive culture, in the design and execution of Human Resources policy and implementation tools. In the journey of change, the road is not always straight and comfortable, it is rough, muddy and difficult roads are passed. At this point, Izocam Attitudes became the guide for both our leaders and our employees.”

Preparing for the future with the leadership development program

Pointing out that another important activity of Izocam is leadership development programs, Gözdehan Çaycı said, “We develop our leaders and potential leaders in order to understand the expectations of new talents in the business world and to provide a quality employee experience for them. We have development activities to develop leaders who adopt modern management styles, listen, appreciate, teach in their failures, coach and move the employee forward. In our leadership development programs, we process the answers to questions such as 'What will be important for the Z generation, what should we do today to meet these expectations as leaders? What do we need in order for them to choose us and have a successful employee experience here?’”

Investing in employee experience and safety

Having the Top Employer (Top Employer Brand) certificate since 2018, Izocam also continues to design and develop digital solutions that meet the requirements of the era and meet the needs of the new generation in its Human Resources processes.

Finally, Gözdehan Çaycı, who announced that they have launched the new Digital Employee Experience Platform DEEP; said “DEEP is a platform with mobile solutions where employees can manage their performance development and training, receive continuous feedback, appreciate each other's successes, provide effective communication by forming communication groups, receive mentoring and coaching".

Emphasizing that they manage a heavy industry process in terms of production technology, Çaycı said that since the risks and hazards are at a high level for their business line, they attach great importance to occupational safety of their field workers and they have experienced a cultural change regarding this issue in the last few years. Çaycı stated that they are working on adopting and adopting the new OHS approach to employees, increasing their awareness and thus creating a mental transformation.

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