İzocam in the Press

Izocam saves money while protecting water meters and water pipes from freezing

It is very important to insulate pipes and meters to prevent water meter and water pipe bursts, which often occur in cold winter months. The installation insulation not only prevents the damages that may occur as a result of freezing, but also saves more than 50 percent in energy.
While the freezing-induced pipe and water meter bursts, which are frequently experienced in the winter months with the air temperature falling to minus, cause hundreds of water meters to break down every year, the bursting water pipes also cause damage and water losses. Exposed water pipes and meters freeze, pipes are damaged and meters burst. 

Izocam warns everyone that bursts caused by freezing can be prevented by insulating water pipes and meters. Pipe diameter, outdoor temperature and insulation thickness have direct effects on pipes and meters. As the insulation thickness increases, the resistance to freezing also increases and the freezing time of still water becomes longer. 

Easy to apply, Izocam Valve Jacket prevents water meters from exploding. The custom insulation jacket is specially produced for valves and covered with silicone glass fabric on the outside, and offers a solution in the thermal insulation of all valves (piston, ball, butterfly valves, etc.) and strainers

produced in accordance with DIN, ANSI, API standards in indoor or outdoor environments, and prevents freezing.With Izocam Optiflex Pipe, this problem that can occur in all kinds of installation elements in which stagnant water freezes is easily solvable. Izocam Optiflex Pipe, which is made of polyethylene, uncoated or covered with aluminum foil, provides a solution in the insulation of pipes against sweating or freezing. 
Installation insulation saves more than 50 percent in energy

Izocam, the leading brand of the insulation industry in Turkey, emphasizes that insulating the heating and cooling installations in buildings provides more than 50 percent energy savings by reaching the desired temperature and comfort conditions quickly, as well as maintaining the temperature for a long time.

For example, the hot water in the pipes dispersed from the heating boiler burning in the winter months maintains its temperature and thus its energy until it reaches the apartments in buildings with plumbing insulation. Otherwise, the temperature in the pipes decreases until it reaches the apartment, the apartment gets heated slowly and the boiler needs to consume more fuel (energy) to reheat it because the water in the return pipe gets colder. If the temperature in the pipes falls below a certain degree, the efficiency of the boiler decreases. The protection of the water temperature passing through the pipes can only be achieved through insulation. It is possible to reach the desired energy efficiency with Izocam Prefabricated Glasswool Pipe, which is made of glasswool in hot water installation and indoor uses.