Izocam Products Used İn The Construction Of New Hospitals

With products and solutions developed to cater for every need, İzocam, which continues to be the first choice for Tukey’s important projects, also became the choice for the new hospital constructions going on at a high pace.

Offering its expertise and insulation products for the most important projects across Turkey, İzocam recently provided its products for Istanbul Atatürk Airport Field Hospital and Ankara Keçiören Atatürk Thoracic Diseases and Surgery Training and Research Hospital auxiliary building. 

Acknowledging the importance continuity of work life and the safe procurement of products and services hold in terms of the future of the economy, İzocam is doing its part. Leading the industry, it holds health-related measures to the highest regard and moves on forward with its production and commercial activities. With its production schedule, it regulates its stocks based on the current status of the civil engineering industry and the market. 

İzocam Tekiz Stone Wool Roof Panels, which are produced to offer fire resistance, thermal, sound and water insulation for roofs with an inclination of 10%, are covered by steel sheets on both faces, are insulated using mineral wool and are provided by Arken Yapı Mimarlık, an İzocam Dealer, are used in the on-going construction of Istanbul Atatürk Airport Field Hospital.

As for the air conditional system of the 100-bed Ankara Keçiören Atatürk Thoracic Diseases and Surgery Training and Research Hospital auxiliary building project, İzocam provided Optiflex. ATR Yapı is installing the Optiflex Elastomeric rubber foam pipes and boards provided by the İzocam dealer Timeks İzolasyon. At times like these, İzocam deems it an obligation to provide hospital projects with the needed materials. As time is of the essence for the hospitals to be completed in time, quick procurement of materials plays a vital role in the timely completion of these projects.