İzocam in the Press

Izocam leaves behind a year full of environmentally friendly investments

Izocam, which has made environmentally friendly investments that contribute to sustainability in its products, services and facilities in 2021, is leaving behind a year in which it achieved successful financial results.

Izocam Managing Director Murat Savci, who stated that they signed many new projects to improve service and service quality, especially R&D studies, in 2021, which we are getting ready to leave behind, said that throughout the year, they focused on environmentally friendly investments in production facilities, sustainability-oriented studies, awareness-raising projects on healthy insulation products, and investments in the digital field.

Noting that the flue filter investment they made at the Tarsus Facility in the first half of the year came at the forefront of their environmental, occupational health and safety projects, Savci said, “With this environmentally friendly technological investment we have made to ensure that our facility works in the most compatible way with environmental conditions, we aim to reach air emission values at world standards. We aim to take our contribution to a sustainable world to the next level with the new flue filter, which will reduce greenhouse gas emissions to a much lower level than the standards. On the other hand, all our planning and preparation works continue in order to realize our long-term goals. We have a goal of

being carbon neutral by 2050. Reducing our greenhouse gas emissions, limiting water consumption and waste water generation, adapting alternative raw material sources to production processes, and many project studies that will contribute to the circular economy are being handled in detailed programs in order to adapt to our 2030 and 2050 sustainability goals. In this context, as Izocam, this year we started to implement investment plans aiming to reduce direct and indirect greenhouse gas emissions by at least 33% until 2030. Our work on the matter will continue to increase in the coming years.”

Noting that they have recently taken another important step for the Tarsus Facility that contributes to their environmentally friendly facility targets, Murat Savci announced that the Tarsus Facility was entitled to receive the Basic Level Zero Waste Certificate in July. Explaining that this document given by TR Ministry of Environment and Urbanization states that the facility has completed a series of processes covering the prevention of waste at a basic level, the more efficient use of resources, the prevention or minimization of waste generation by reviewing the causes of waste generation, and the collection and recovery of waste separately at the source in case of occurrence, Savci underlined that they continue to work for all their facilities to obtain this document until the beginning of 2022.

Saying that they have also made all the necessary investments to switch to a new packaging system at the Tarsus Facility this year, Izocam Managing Director Murat Savci stated that they have switched to a more modern packaging system. Savci stated that they are continuing their renovation works and investments in the furnaces in the glass wool facility this year in order to provide uninterrupted service.

Defining Environment and Occupational Safety as one of its top priorities, Izocam continues to implement the ISO 14001 Environmental Management System and the Occupational Health and Safety Management System, which is maintained with the ISO 45001 certificate, in all its facilities and central processes. Stating that they have achieved exemplary successes in Occupational Health and Safety at their facilities in 2021, Murat Savci said, “This year, our Eskişehir Facility celebrated its third year without any work accidents, and our Tarsus Facility celebrated its second year without work accident. We are leaving behind a year in which we received good returns for the steps we took for zero work accidents, zero occupational illness and zero environmental accidents.”

Another environmentally friendly project that Izocam invested in this year was its new packaging work for Stonewool. Having started to renew the packaging of the mineral wool product group in the previous period, Izocam first renewed its glasswool packaging to emphasize its contribution to the global targets set by the United Nations for Sustainable Development. This year, Izocam StoneWool's packaging has been redesigned to care more about human health and the environment. Less paint was used in the new translucent white packaging, and an environmentally friendly packaging was achieved by rearranging the packaging sizes and the amount of packaging used.

In addition, as a company that believes that healthy insulation is a right, Murat Savci stated that they are conducting campaigns this year to raise awareness of consumers about healthy insulation, and said, “We have been making continuous investments for EUCEB certification in Izocam Stonewool for 13 years and in Izocam Glasswool products for 12 years. With the EUCEB certificate, Izocam brand mineral wools prove that they are products that do not harm human health and are biosoluable, with international standards. Products with EUCEB certificate are repeatedly tested and it is guaranteed that the fibers are harmless to health for the certificate period. On the other hand, we continue our activities to ensure that polystyrene-based XPS and EPS products do not contain HBCD, which is defined as a permanent organic pollutant. The HBCD substance used in these products has been banned in our country as of November 2019. Therefore, when purchasing XPS and EPS products, it should be noted that they are 'HBCD Free' (does not contain HBCD). Izocam brand XPS and EPS products are produced within the framework of the laws in a way that will not harm the environment and human health. We continue our awareness-raising activities in this regard so that all industry manufacturers act with the same sensitivity.”

Emphasizing that the sustainability projects they contact with the end user are not only communication-oriented, Izocam Managing Director Murat Savci said, “The relationship between energy saving and sustainability is also an important issue for the end consumer.

We started to take more concrete steps in this regard at the beginning of 2021. We are currently in cooperation with Garanti BBVA to provide financial support to consumers with Izocam insulation products. The 'Individual Environmentally Friendly Building Insulation' loan, which is developed with a special limit for Izocam products, without any filing fee, is very advantageous for who want to have insulation. Garanti BBVA customers who want to buy insulation material for their house or who want to insulate their building can obtain our products from Izocam dealers with the loan, which offers ease of payment with no file costs and a maturity option of up to 36 months.”

Explaining that as İzocam, they have recently signed off on another innovative project that has increased their service quality, Murat Savci said, “We have prepared a detailed Order and Service Specifications in order to highlight the services we offer to our customers, to eliminate uncertainties and to provide higher standards of service. Izocam Order and Service Specifications is the first example of undertaking that imposes sanctions on both the business partners and the company in Turkey and even in the world. In this context, by eliminating the uncertainties that may occur in order, shipment and after-sales processes, we have also guaranteed our products and services to our customers in writing.”

Expressing that they attach great importance to the share of new products in their turnover, namely the 'innovation coefficient', Izocam Managing Director Murat Savci noted that they invested in R&D and innovation in line with changing market conditions and customer needs, with the aim of protecting the share of new products in their turnover, which was 20.5% last year. Savci emphasized that they continue to offer products that offer more economic and higher thermal comfort to the market, thanks to the R&D efforts with the aim of developing the right solution for the right need.

Targets are set for 2022

Explaining that as Izocam, they aim to increase their market share in all product groups by increasing their production capacity, enriching the product range in 2022, Murat Savci said that in this context, new projects that improve service and service quality, especially R&D efforts, will be on their agenda.

Stating that they aim to significantly increase the share of exports in their turnover, which is currently at the level of 20%, Murat Savci stated that they will continue to search for new markets in 2022, while expanding their dealer network in the markets of the countries they currently operate in, and that they will also offer new dealers in countries they see as potential.

On the other hand, Murat Savcı, who stated that as a company that puts people at the center, they will focus on projects that increase employee satisfaction next year, said that as a company that always prioritizes the Environment, Occupational Health and Safety (OHS), projects that will raise awareness, these will also be on the agenda in 2022.

Stating that Izocam is now much more agile and customer-oriented thanks to the investments they have made in the field of digitalization in recent years, Murat Savcı announced that new projects in the digital world will be on the agenda in order to preserve these values in the coming period.

Emphasizing that they are a preferred brand due to their expertise and consultancy on insulation, as well as the quality and safe products they offer to the sector, Izocam Managing Director Murat Savcı said "because of this, we aim to take part in the leading projects of Turkey and our export markets in 2022, from infrastructure works to airports, from power plant projects to renovation projects, from shopping malls to factories, from hospitals to mass housing."