İzocam in the Press

Izocam finishes 2020 with more than 25 percent growth

2020 has been a challenging year for insulation sector, just as it has been for the other sectors, due to the pandemics that made its impact felt in the first quarter of the year. Some of the insulation material manufacturers had to pause their production for this duration. Stating that they need to act with the understanding that business life had to continue for the future of our country as a pioneer of the sector, Izocam General Director Murat Savcu said “By holding all the necessary precautions for health on the highest level since the start of this period, we maintained our production and commercial activities uninterrupted both domestically and abroad. We reformed our production program and stocks quickly according to the demands of the market. Thanks to adapting to the changing market conditions in both domestic market and exports market, and with the investments we made at the right time, we close this year with more than 25 percent turnover increase compared to the last year. At the moment, we are holding our leadership in the insulation market with a share of 20%".

Leader of the HVAC market in Middle East is Izocam

Believing that there is a great potential in the export markets for insulation sector just as there is in Turkey, Izocam General Director Murat Savcı said “with our 20 localized dealers and 200 sub-dealers in the markets we export

to, we are focusing on utilizing this potential in the best way possible by both continuing the export actions and maintain the geographical spread in terms of export”.Izocam, whose export is above 600.000 m³, also exports products for HVAC sector alongside the insulation products used in buildings and industry. It is the most important manufacturer of Middle East HVAC market too. With 20% of its annual turnover consisting of exports, Izocam aims to increase the share of its exports within its turnover as well.The success of Izocam in export is certified each year with the Successful Exporters Award, which is considered as the Oscar of HVAC sector in export area and presented by Turkish HVAC&R Exporters Association (ISIB). Izocam has been awarded the first place in “The Company with the Most Export of Insulation Material” category in the last 2019 Successful Exporters Awards held by ISIB in November 2020. 

Izocam was behind the digital investments in 2020

Pointing out that another topic they focused on as Izocam in 2020 was digital investments Izocam General Director Murat Savcı said "With the developing technology, we continued out digitalisation investments with the purpose of making the changes in our way of business required by the era. We had started the transitioning works to SAP at the end of 2019 within the scope of mondernisation. In 2020, we commissioned the SAP application which shortened the service times we offer to our customers and increased the data security. We renewed and, which are our digital showcases, with a mobile compliant design, a user friendly menu structure, and to work integrated with social media accounts. We made investments focused on digital employee experience in 2020 as a company that is human centric. In this scope, the developments in our new online employee platform based on SAP Success Factors which was commissioned in December 2020 still continue".Remarking that since Environment, Occupational Health and Safety (EHS–ISG) is always their priority they will give importance to the projects that will raise awareness in 2021 as well, Savcı said that they will continue the environmental friendly modernisation projects   they have given priority to in 2020 in the next year as well. Murat Savcı said “with the new filtration investment continuing in Tarsus facility and planned to be completed in the second quarter of 2021, we aim to reach air emission values in the world standards”.

Izocam will grow even more with 2021 targets

Expressing that they will focus on ambitious projects in both domestic and foreign markets in 2021 Savcı said “as in the previous years, we will take place in prominent projects of Turkey and our export markets from infrastructure works to airports, from power facility projects to renovation projects, from Malls to factories, from hospitals to mass housing in 2021 as Izocam”.Remarking that they aim to increase their market share in all product groups in 2021 by increasing the manufacturing output, and by enriching the product diversity, Murat Savcı said that they will consider new projects that will improve the quality of service, starting with R&D works. Savcı said “another topic we monitor as Izocam is the ‘innovation coefficient’ which expresses the share of new products within our turnover. We aim to improve the share of new products within our turnover, which was 20.5 percent this year”.Also touching upon the commercial targets of the company in 2021, Murat Savcı said “we foresee a year that we will reap the fruits of the investments we made in the recent years. We will see a more agile and more customer focused Izocam in 2021. Our search for new export markets will continue in 2021 to maintain our strong position in exports. While extending the dealer network in the countries we are currently in, we will also give new dealerships to the countries we see as potentials. On the other hand, we aim to improve our market share in all product groups and increase our turnover”.




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