İzocam in the Press

Izocam determined the road map with the motto 'Full speed ahead together'

Izocam dealers came together at the 2021 Izocam International Dealers Meeting held online this year. The dealers meeting, in which Izocam's future vision was announced, witnessed colorful and entertaining moments with the participation of its famous guests.

Izocam dealers came together at the 2021 Izocam International Dealer Meeting held online on April 9 with the motto "Full speed ahead together" this year. In the meeting organized online on site within the scope of Covid-19 measures, Izocam's achievements with its dealers and employees in 2020 were highlighted despite the difficult pandemic conditions. The dealer meeting, in which the company's roadmap for 2021 and the following periods was announced, was the scene of colorful and fun moments with the participation of its famous guests.

Making the opening speech of the meeting, İzocam General Director Murat Savcı stated that although the first half of 2020 was stagnant with the emergence of the pandemic, they achieved a successful performance in the second half of the year with the mobilization of the markets. Stating that, despite the difficult effects of the pandemic, they closed 2020 with a turnover increase close to 30% compared to the previous year, Savcı noted that they achieved a turnover of over 660 million TL. 

Stating that Izocam has brought quality, healthy and environmentally friendly products to consumers with its uninterrupted investments in R&D and innovation, Murat Savcı stated that they are very happy to lead the sector with these achievements they have made together with their dealers and their employees.

"Full speed ahead" in healthy insulation

Stating that they are proud of being the first company to receive EUCEB certificate with Izocam Stone Wool, Savcı underlined that the biodegradability of Izocam Stone Wool for 13 years and İzocam Glass Wool for 12 years has been documented by an independent institution. 

Stating that Polystyrene-based products of Izocam, which acts with awareness for sustainable and healthy tomorrows, have "HBCD Free" feature, Savcı stated that this substance, which is defined as a permanent organic pollutant, is definitely not used in Izocam, XPS (Extruded Polystyrene) and EPS (Expande Polystyrene) products. Murat Savcı warned that Izocam dealers should also pay attention to this issue when purchasing Polystyrene-based products.

"Full speed ahead" in investments  

Murat Savcı, who also made important statements about Izocam's investment targets at the meeting, stated that they are at the last stage in the new chimney filter investment they made in Tarsus Glass Wool Facility. He stated that they aim to achieve world-class air emission values with this environmentally friendly technological investment they have made to ensure that the facility operates in the most compatible manner with environmental conditions. In his presentation, Murat Savcı said, "We aim to take our contribution to a higher level for a sustainable world with the new flue filter that will bring greenhouse gas emissions far below the standards." He also said that they have made all the necessary investments to switch to a new packaging system in the same facility. Savcı added that they continue their investments with continuous renovation works in the furnace in the glass wool facility in order to provide uninterrupted service.

Stating that they continue their digital investments without slowing down in addition to facility investments, Izocam General Director Murat Savcı said, “With the developing technology, we continue our customer-oriented digitalization investments without interruption in order to realize the change required by the age in business manners. As Izocam, we have already started our work to take our place in the digital world of the future and we will be with you with truly revolutionary digital projects”.

The meeting witnessed colorful events

The event part of the 2021 Izocam International Dealers Meeting witnessed entertaining, informative and colorful moments with the participation of famous names. Ali İhsan Varol, who hosted the meeting, held a Word Game contest with the participants. Famous artist Işın Karaca spiced up the dinner with her concert. 

Nutritionist Dr. While Ender Saraç shared informative information on nutrition during the Covid-19 period, Italian Chef Danilo Zanna shared special recipes for the participants. Famous Astrologer Dinçer Güner shared his astrological predictions in the conversation he held within the scope of the meeting. Economist Ali Ağaoğlu shared his economic, political and sociological predictions to be encountered in the post-Covid-19 period. 
In addition the most successful dealers of Izocam in Turkey have also been announced in the meeting where senior representatives, chairman of the board and vice chairman also attended with live connections. Within the scope of the Izocam 2020 Turnover Awards, Izocam dealer Karalar Insulation, operating in Kocaeli, received the first prize, Himerpa operating in Istanbul, and the third prize, Izocam's Bursa dealer Maraton.