Izocam Continues its Digital İnvestments Without Slowing Down


Focusing on digital investments during the last period, corporate website of Izocam have been renewed with expressions and images that are compatible with Izocam is behind thismotto which relays that Izocam is behind every work performed and every product offered. And in the first quarter of this year, the website of insulated continuous panel brand Izocam Tekiz have met the users with its modern design. Izocam, alongside with the end user focused developments in the digital platforms,

with investments at the end of 2019, have started SAP program at the beginning of this year and created a professional environment with Digital HRplatform that can evaluate the changes in employees and their works throughout the year. In addition to these two main projects, systems such as EBA and online bidding portal have been put into effect.

Prominent company of insulation sector, Izocam, continues its digitalisation investments with the purpose of making the change in working formats that is required by the era. Izocam, which has renewed its website with address to reflect the “Izocam is behind this” motto, with a focus on user and compatible with mobile, has also added a lot of new content to its website. Also renewing the Izocam Tekiz website with address in March, transitioning to SAP application at the start of this year and putting new digital applications in effect in HR field, Izocam has taken many important steps on the path to digitalisation and renewal.

Pointing out that these investments are the continuation of the work that has been done up to day, Izocam Managing Director Murat Savcı has said these: “Today, change is a continous need and in this world of change; protecting our power, reacting swiftly in the face of constantly changing conditions, adapting quickly, in short being able to act more agile became more important than ever. Therefore, we focused on digital investments during the second half of last year and first half of this year.  We are behind every work we do and every product we offer. We have reflected this approach we express with ‘Izocam is behind this’ motto on our renewed websites too.”
With digital transformation Izocam aims to increase the work processes’ efficiency, quality, and safety, improve the accessibility and data transaction between different systems, increase customer satisfaction, lower operational costs and maintain work sustainability. and websites have been renewed. 
The renewed website, for which expressions and images compatible with “Izocam is behind this” motto that carries the message that Izocam stands behind every work it performs and every product it offers, have been enriched with contents that will reflect Izocam’s aims regarding sustainability mission and occupational health and safety, such as reference projects. In addition, Human Resources menu content and page design has been updated, new pages that reflect Izocam’s understanding of Environment, Occupational Health and Safety have been opened for use. Products and application examples have been brought forward in the renewed website, hence it was made easier for the end user to access product content and specifications. 

On the new website which was integrated with Izocam’s social media accounts, showing the current social media user count live, and allowing to access accounts from the main page, “Dealer” menu have been moved higher for visitors to be guided directly to dealers. In addition, with “Find nearest dealer” application on both main page and products page it was made easier for visitors to find related dealer. Alongside Izocam dealer addresses, the ease of finding addresses on Google Maps have been enacted as well. 
Renewed website has a plain and mobile compatible design and user friendly menu structure. The added in-site search module works with a search engine optimization (SEO) supportive software that sorts the contents according to SEO. Izocam’s website that serves in two languages - Turkish and English - will continue to be developed within the year in different phases regarding content and infrastructure.  

Starting to serve with the interface that was renewed in March, was developed to be compatible with both desktop and mobile. The website, in which reference projects that Izocam Tekiz products were used are also located, products and application areas were made prominent and search module was designed to be compatible with in-site SEO. The website where “Dealer” menu have been moved higher and “Find nearest dealer” application is located in, it was aimed for users to get the product for project information most accurately from Izocam Tekiz dealers.
Other applications that present agility for Izocam in digital world

In addition to renewin gthe websites, Izocam have also put SAP application that shortens the service times and improves the security of data in effect in February, 2020. By the virtue of SAP, order system have been removed and most importantly, the processes that will realize the service contracts which will be presented to the customers have been designed. Also, MRP system which improves the production planning process have been started to be used and functions such as quality, Environment, Occupational Health and Safety have been integrated into work processes. With the transitioning to SAP system, Izocam24 Dealer Portal have also been renewed as a system fully integrated with SAP. 

Last year, Izocam have also implemented “Digital HR” which is a platform that allows employees to follow matters such as performance development, personnel affairs, and training processes by themselves. Digital HR, which is a professional environment for employees to evaluate the changes and works they performed during the year, and which allows evaluating Izocam Attitude and Competence, and clarifying the development points of the employee, identifying career expectations, determining training needs beforehand, evaluating the previous year, and determining personal goals; also shoulders an important function to make the process followable and sustainable. 

Alongside the big digital projects, Izocam also implemented various digital applications that will be the base for making work processes such as EBA process management system and online bidding portal followable, measurable, and transparent. 

Pointing out that new digital projects are currently on the agenda and digital project investments aimed for different needs will continue throughout the year, Izocam Managing Director Murat Savcı said: “With new investments we made in digitalisation area, now a more agile and more customer focused Izocam is on the field.  We will continue to take necessary actions to maintain this agile approach, to be a pioneer in this area, and to stand behind the work we do during the next period too.”