İzocam in the Press

Izocam, at the Summit of Employee Experience

İzocam Human Resources Director Gozdehan Cayci participated in the Employee Experience Summit on February 24 as a speaker in the panel. 

Taking place online this year, panel with the topic of "Catching the Ideal in Employee Experience Strategy” was followed between 02:30PM–03:30PM during the summit. In the panel moderated by Dr. Zeki Yuksekbilgili, Ebay/Gittigidiyor Employee Experience Director Murat Yuksel and Turkcell HR Center of Excellence Directorü Seray Kerimak alongside with Izocam Human Resources Director Gozdehan Cayci participated as the speakers.

Employee Experience Summit 2021
Hybrid work forms which became noticeable with the pandemics have revealed new touching points, and therefore management challenges in the physical environment and virtual workforce management of the establishments. This situation required redesigning or updating the Employee Experience process for the companies.
This year on the summit, the topics of utilizing the digital transformation to create/renew a positive employee experience, holding on to employees with high potential by allowing employees to re-create their work-life balance, and employee journey that needs to be updated were talked about.