İzocam in the Press

Industrial plants are safe with İzocam Tekiz

Turkey's leading industrial establishments are entrusted to Izocam Tekiz quality. Lastly, the insulation of the plant of Kalıpsan company was carried out with the signature of Izocam Tekiz.

Izocam Tekiz has been the choice of insulated panels in many of Turkey's leading projects, from industrial facilities to housing projects, from shopping malls to hospitals and schools, where people are collectively involved at the same time. Recently, the production facility of Kalıpsan company was built using İzocam Tekiz brand roof and facade panels. 

4,600 square meters of İzocam Tekiz Roof Panel and 4 thousand square meters of İzocam Tekiz Facade Panel were supplied for the 8 thousand 600 square meters project of Kalıpsan company, which produces spare parts for many international white goods brands, in the Çerkezköy district of Tekirdağ.

All buildings are safe from ground to roof with Izocam Tekiz 

Izocam Tekiz has been producing stonewool and PUR/PIR insulated roof-facade panels, carrier profiles, roof-facade trapeze and cold storage panel products, which have been in its product range since 1969, in accordance with the needs of investors and project owners. Izocam Tekiz products guarantee both fire safety and energy saving in buildings with effective insulation systems applied from the ground to the roof, from the wall to  the 

floor and installation. Izocam Tekiz products, which consist of insulated panels with an insulation core between two formed metals, are quickly assembled and used on roofs and facades that need heat, sound and fire insulation.

İzocam Tekiz continues to expand its product range with its R&D investments. Izofom Roof Panel and Tekiz Sine Panel are among the prominent products of the company recently. Developed by İzocam Tekiz for use in industrial buildings, the easy-to-apply roof Panel İzofom is polyurethane insulated and has a thickness of 40 mm. Suitable for use in openings of 1.5 meters or less, İzofom not only meets the need for fast access in the retail sector, but also shortens the installation time thanks to its lightness and durability, and provides an economical solution for thermal insulation in buildings. Izocam Tekiz Sine Panel, on the other hand, is the first and only sinus patterned stonewool facade panel in Turkey. This product, which can be used safely in buildings requiring fire safety, also allows buildings to be energy efficient, environmentally friendly, soundproofed and indoor air quality. Tekiz Sine Panel, which is revolutionary for industrial buildings, is easily used on the facades of industrial buildings with its concealed screw feature. 

Certified expertise in fire safety

All Izocam Tekiz Stonewool Roof and Wall Panels, which provide high resistance to fire, increase the fire safety of buildings. Izocam Tekiz Stonewool Panel products certify their expertise in fire safety with the certificates they have received.

In the tests carried out by ERA Yönetim Test ve Belgelendirme Hizmetleri, Izocam Tekiz Stonewool Insulated Facade Panels have been certified as “EI60” with 60 minutes fire resistance and “E120” fire resistant panel certificate within the integrity criteria, as a result of the evaluation in integrity and insulation criteria. Izocam Tekiz Stonewool Roof Panel, on the other hand, has the "REI120" panel certificate with a fire resistance of 120 minutes, as it successfully fulfills all of the transport, integrity and insulation criteria. 

Izocam Tekiz mineral wool products, which also have TSE and CE certificates, offer a comfortable indoor environment with their sound insulation specifications. All Izocam Tekiz products are produced in accordance with European Standards (EN) and Turkish Standards Institute (TSE) criteria. 

Izocam Tekiz Kombi Panel product stands out as the first and only product with FM certificate among membrane panels produced in Turkey. issued by the independent test arm of FM Global, an international risk and insurance management firm, The FM certificate , guarantees that the product in question has passed certain tests and that the building is at minimum risk, and products with this certificate are especially preferred in important industrial projects such as factory investment or renewal.



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