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In this World Habitat Day, Izocam remarked that insulation improved the value of habitats

In this World Habitat Day, Izocam remarked that insulation improved the value of habitats


Izocam General Director Murat Savcı expresses that the most important matter that defines the comfort in a house and the value of that house is whether that house have a good insulation or not. He underlines that with the correct materials and correct application; thermal, noise insulation and fire safety provides long term comfort and quality in the houses and saves energy.

“World Habitat Day” is celebrated in the first week of October since 1985 with the decision of United Nations General Assembly to remind that it is an urgent problem to provide the requirements of the comfortable living areas to governments, local governments and general public. In this World Habitat Day, Izocam underlines the impact of insulation on the comfort and value of the houses. 

Stating that while most people determine the comfort and therefore the value of a house, they make an evaluation by considering the visible criteria such as how many rooms the house has, whether it has a central location, the aesthetic stance of the materials used in the kitchen and bathroom, Izocam General Director Murat Savcı, said; 

“However, the most important factor that determines the comfort and value of a house is whether the house has a good insulation. Providing thermal, noise insulation and fire safety with the right materials and good application provides long-term comfort, quality and energy savings in the living environment. 

The Energy Identity Certificate requirement, which entered into force on January 1, made the determination of the value of buildings more visible in terms of thermal insulation. We now know that EKB must be submitted during the purchase, sale or even lease of the buildings. In new buildings, EKB class is expected to be the lowest C class, new buildings that are not built according to thermal insulation standards and whose Energy Identity Certificate is lower than C can no longer obtain a license. EKB is an issue that should be taken into consideration not only for new buildings but also for old buildings. If thermal insulation is taken into consideration during the renovation of old buildings, both EKB class can be increased and the value of the house increases; as well as saving over 60 percent in natural gas bills for the households here."

Noting that the most important factors determining the comfort of living in a residence are reaching the correct thermal values with correct insulation, Savcı said, “Correct insulation refers to the application of insulation in appropriate material and thickness as specified by the regulations, taking into account the fire risk and flammability load of the buildings while performing thermal insulation. While the correct insulation increases the value of the house, it also contributes to the national economy. energy imports 202.7 billion dollars in 2019 in Turkey with 41.2 billion dollars, accounting for 20.3% of total imports. The cost of our total energy imports to the country's economy in the last 10 years is over 450 billion dollars ... We import approximately three-fourths of the energy we consume from abroad. At this level, energy imports constitute the most important part of our foreign trade deficit. Energy efficiency and good insulation practices are essential in order to lower the current account deficit and reduce our dependency on foreign energy. This means that we will do more thermal insulation in the future.”

The prosecutor also stated that the effect of insulation on the value of houses is not limited to thermal insulation and energy saving. He drew attention to the fact that an isolated house offers a healthy and safe living space for those who live in this house, considering the sound insulation, acoustic comfort and fire safety. “Sound insulation is among the basic elements that determine the value of houses today. In order to avoid the stress caused by the city noise, it is necessary to keep the noise away from living spaces where a lot of time is spent. In developed cities, people spend 90% of their time indoors. Especially in houses, being protected from neighbours and street noise and providing quiet living environments is now possible with Multi Comfort Building conditions. In order to achieve silence in Multi Comfort Buildings, noise is prevented and acoustic comfort can be provided in the house by applying the correct insulation on the inner surfaces of the walls, intermediate partitions and between floors together with the exterior insulation. Stone wool and glass wool products with high sound absorption properties are preferred in these buildings. In short, healthy living spaces and comfort are among the priorities of individuals today; this plays an important role in determining the value of the houses. Insulated houses close to the Multi Comfort Building conditions are at the forefront of the value race.”