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High Level Assignment at Izocam

Ahmet Oruç has been appointed to Investments and Production Director role in Izocam, which has been active in insulation sector in Turkey since 1965 and is the only company in Turkey and World that can manufacture 7 different products under the same roof. Starting his work life at Kametsaş A.Ş. in 1996, Oruç then worked as a manager on different levels in units related to operation, production, and maintenance at İpragaz A.Ş. in 1998 and at Türk Pirelli Lastikleri A.Ş. between 1998 – 2017. Between 2017-2021 he performed Production Director and Operations Director duties at Assan Panel A.Ş. successfully.Born in Kocaeli in 1974, Ahmet Oruç graduated from Yıldız Technical University Department of Mechanical Engineering in 1995. Ahmet Oruç, who is married and father of three, can speak English. 


About Izocam Facilities

With Glass wool, Stone Wool, Extruded Polystyrene (Foamboard), Expanded Polystyrene (Izopor, Izopor Plus) Rubber Foam (Izocamflex, Optiflex), Polyethylene Foam (Izocam PEflex), PU/PIR/Stone Wool insulated sandwich panel (Izocam Tekiz) and Trapeze Slab in its product portfolio Izocam works in 6 manufacturing facilities in 4 different locations as Kocaeli-Gebkim, Kocaeli-Dilovası, Mersin-Tarsus and Eskisehir.

Diloavası facility which is built on 61 bin m² area produces Stone Wool with Euceb certification which provides thermal and noise insulation, fire safety with annual 75 thousand tons of capacity. Whereas Tarsus facility with 131 bin m² area produces Glass Wool with Euceb certificate which provides thermal and noise insulation, fire safety with annual 55 thousand tons capacity and extruded polystyrene (Foamboard) which provides thermal insulation with 160 thousand m³ capacity. Located in an area of 86 thousand m², GEBKİM facility provides quality solutions for industry buildings with extruded polystyrene (Foamboard) with 560 thousand m³ annual capacity, expanded polystyrene (Izopor) with 6 thousand tons capacity and 3 million m² stone wool and polyurethane insulated panels and 3 million m² trapeze cpacity. Eskisehir facility produces in an area of 20.000 m² (open and closed area total) elastomeric rubber (Izocam Optiflex) with the annual capacity of 4.500 tons and polyethylene (Peflex) capacity of 700 tons.