İzocam in the Press

Garanti BBVA cooperated with Izocam for “Personal Environmentalist Building Insulation” shopping loan

Supporting Turkey’s struggle against climate change with easily accessible solutions, Garanti BBVA has presented Personal Environmentalist Building Insulation product after Personal Roof Solar Energy System (GES) product. Cooperating with Izocam who acts with the mission to raise the awareness of energy saving with insulation and therefore creating sustainable buildings, Garanti BBVA contributes to improving the energy efficiency in buildings with Izocam quality by making it easier to make insulation investments via the easy, fast, and trouble-free shopping loan. 

Informing about the matter, Garanti BBVA Deputy General Manager Ebru Dildar Edin said “As Garanti BBVA we have realized many innovative products within the scope of sustainable finance in more than 15 years. While supporting the increase of applications regarding energy efficiency in business world with loans related to green and sustainability, we also develop practical solutions for our personal customers. Nearly 40% of the energy consumption in the world happens in the buildings. We see a similar scene when we look at Turkey as well. Due to our dependency to foreign sources in energy, the importance of energy efficiency to use the energy effectively and efficiently continues to increase. By significantly lowering the consumption in buildings with various applications,  

it is possible to contribute to our households, country, and world economy. Building insulation is one of the easiest and fast acting solutions in this regard. Correct insulation provides a more comfortable and healthy life by lowering the energy consumed in buildings while also preventing the negative effects of the buildings on environment. With this product, we wish for the number of insulated buildings in our country to increase.”. 

Garanti BBVA Deputy General Manager Mahmut Akten noted that “As Garanti BBVA, we have implemented Personal Environmentalist Building Insulation product after Personal Roof Solar Energy System (GES) product with the purpose of increasing the personal investment in renewable energy sector. By cooperating with Izocam within this scope, we adapted the shopping loan offered in our bank to Personal Environmentalist Building Insulation product. The buildings are classified according to the energy amount they use and emission of gasses with the Energy Performance in Buildings Regulations issued in 2008. According to this regulations, financing processes become more important as the importance of insulation in buildings increase. We present the opportunity for our personal customers to access to loan in 5 minutes to realize the insulation of buildings with our shopping loan product that will help these applications to become more common. We will continue to offer new products to our personal customers to reduce the foreign dependency of Turkey with regards to energy and to increase its share in renewable energy.”

Speaking with regards to shopping loan usable in Izocam insulation materials, Izocam General Director Murat Savcı said that only 20% of the building stock in Turkey has qualified insulation, but the buildings can achieve the required climate and comfort terms quickly with thermal insulation whether it’s summer or winter, and additionally more than 60% saving in energy use can be made. Savcı said: “While the insulation materials provide thermal and acoustic comfort, and fire safety, they also contribute to the community and country economy by lengthening the life of the building. In addition, they provide a significant contribution regarding the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. Now with the all buildings requiring the obligatory Energy Identity Certification, we know that this certification is needed to be declared when buying and selling buildings. For new buildings to get at least C class certification, thermal insulation is very important. When seen in this frame, Personal Environmentalist Building Insulation shopping loan without filing fee, developed with an exclusive limit for Izocam in cooperation with Garanti BBVA is quite beneficial for those who want to apply insulation. Evine yalıtım malzemesi almak isteyen ya da binasını yalıtmak isteyen Garanti BBVA customers who want to buy insulation material for their home or who want to insulate their building will be able to easily procure our products and services from Izocam dealers with fixed pos machine.”