Correct Insulation in Fire Safety is Vital

Izocam emphasizes that especially spaces such as the buildings where people stay in collectively, offices, schools, dorms, public buildings, factories, industry buildings, hospitals, malls, and gyms should be built according to “Regulation Regarding Protection of Buildings from Fire”. Insulating the buildings from ground to the roof, from between floors to installations with mineral wool products such as stone wool and glass wool improves fire safety.

Preventing life and material loss due to fires is very important especially for buildings where people stay in collectively. The most effective way of ensuring fire safety is to insulate buildings with A2 class non-combustible products. Constructing the buildings with installing effective insulation systems from ground to roof, from wall to flooring and installations both prevent life and material loss by ensuring fire safety and contribute to energy saving. Nearly 400 factories or industrial buildings in Turkey suffers from fires or explosions per year.  According to Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Department of Fire Brigade 2019 Statistics Report, 12,040 building fires occurred only in Istanbul and factory fires in Istanbul increased by 14% between 2015-2019. While fires are in our lives to this point, a fire occurring in an uninsulated building or a building with wrong insulation materials presents a great threat for us all. While the flames rise in a moment during a fire, a building insulated with the right materials does not ignite and prevents forming of toxic smoke.

As such, smoke poisoning cases that are one of the most vital matters caused by fires is prevented. Insulation with mineral wool insulation materials gains time to escape from fire and for fire brigade to deploy in the site, reducing the amount of damage fire causes. 

Focusing on thermal and sound insulation, as well as fire safety on the products it developed, İzocam underlines the importance of getting an expert company support for the insulation from the moment of project design stage to procurement process, using the right material in the right place according to regulations, paying attention on system integrity and having the products installed by qualified people.

Emphasizing that fire safety is of vital importance, Izocam General Manager Murat Savcı says: “One of the most important solutions insulation offers is fire safety. The quickly developing urbanisation, new industrial projects, and urban transformation need to be utilized as an opportunity to increase the amount of buildings that provide fire safety. Fireproof glass wool and stone wool products chosen according to Regulation Regarding the Protection of Buildings from Fire should be indispensable options... Fire insulation also varies according to the hight and location of the buildings.  Regulations makes it necessary for buildings of 28.5 metres or higher to use A1 class inflammable mineral wool in coated  external thermal insulations system applications for fire safety. In case of using plastic products, it is required to have fire barriers. It is also made mandatory to use A class materials that are classified as inflammable between floors in high buildings according to the regulation. Glass wool and stone wool which are highly heat resistant offers high protection in fire insulation”.

Izocam has also considered fire safety in the products it developed in recent periods. All products such as Izocam Partition Board (PB) and Partition Board R+ (PB R+), Facade Board, İzocam Industrial Building Board (IBB) and İzocam Industrial Building Board R+ (IBB R+) that are developed for industrial buildings, are A1 class non-combustible products. Partition Board (BP) product using recycled materials to be used in light partitions was developed. 

Another Izocam product offering fire safety is Izocam Mineral Ceiling Board which is used for ceiling insulation of floor parkings. This 100 percent fire-resistant product is used for ceiling insulations of car parks which became mandatory with ‘Parking Lot Regulation’ prepared by Ministry of Environment and Urbanization and went into effect on 01 June 2018.

“Ensuring fire safety in industrial buildings means protecting the investment.”

With the increase of needs and investments today, workplaces and trade centres, industry buildings where hundreds of workplaces and thousands of people stay together are becoming more common. Accordingly, the need for insulation and especially highly reliable insulation solutions against fire risk increases. Especially organisations with foreign capital that invest in Turkey requires Type A materials to be used in roofs and walls of facilities for fire safety precautions. 

Expressing that it is know that Type A inflammable materials are only mineral wools (glass wool and stone wool) according to the new Europe Fire standards, Murat Savcı said these: “We relay our messages in every platform that insulation should be handled seriously especially in industry and industrial buildings. Because fire insulations ensures the safety of the buildings, and therefore continuity of investment. Ensuring fire safety in industrial buildings means protecting the investment. We appeal to industry and industrial buildings with our products and provide quality systems that can be used with every type of structural element of a building. We are manufacturing Mineral Wool Insulated panels under Izocam Tekiz brand in our Tekiz facility according to Turkish Standards Institute (TSE). These panels are preferred in buildings that require high fire safety or buildings that store flammable, combustible materials. Mineral Wool Insulated panels are regarded as a composite system that is resistant to fire due to ‘A’ inflammable class mineral wool layer that is used as insulation filling and with metal external covers.”

According to results of tests performed by ERA Management Test and Certification Services, Izocam Tekiz Mineral Wool Panel (Tekiz Stone Wool Panel) was evaluated in integrity and insulation criteria and as the result of the evaluation, earned fire resistant for 60 minutes “EI60”, and with the integrity criteria fulfilled “E120” fire resistant panel certificates. Tekiz Stone Wool Roof Panel also has 120 minutes fire resistant “REI120” panel certificate for successfully meeting all load-bearing, integrity, and insulations criteria. 

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