An aesthetic touch on insulated panels by Izocam; Tekiz Sinus Panel!

Tekiz Sinus Panel!

Izocam Tekiz launches the first and only sinus patterned stone wool façade panel.  Tekiz Sinus panel which is revolutionary for industrial buildings, brings a fresh breath architectural and aesthetic aspects to the sector. Tekiz Sinus Panel, which also has hidden screw feature, can easily be applied on the façades of industrial buildings. Able to be applied to almost any building, Tekiz Sinus Panel draws attention with its different sheet metal colour options. Tekiz Sinus Panel also provides high fire safety. 

Awarded Tekiz Panels provide high fire safety

Tekiz Stone Wool Insulated (Sandwich) Panels have “EI60 and E120 Fire Resistance” certification. Leading the sector with its experience in the application of Stone Wool Insulated Panel applications, Izocam provides more time during the fire with Tekiz Stone Wool Roof Panel which has “REI 120 Fire Resistance Certificate” while also creating more chance to be saved from potential big damages, life and property loss.

Use of A Class fireproof materials should be paid attention to...

With the increase of needs and investments today, we’re facing workplaces and trade centers, industry buildings where hundreds of workplaces and thousands of people stay together. As such, highly reliable solutions need to be enabled against fire hazard. Compared to 50 years ago, it is seen that much different materials are used in the current buildings. Establishments with foreign capital that invest in Turkey puts A class material use for fire safety on the roofs and walls of the facilities as a condition and it is known that A class fireproof materials are only Stone Wool (mineral wool) products according to new Europe Fire standards.

Izocam Tekiz products:

Izocam, which has established the new panel line with 4,000,000 m² capacity in Gebkim/Gebze in 2013, has cassette system profile, sinuous trapeze, roof trapeze, façade trapeze, membraned fibro-panel, combi-panel, metal tiling, cold warehouse panel and such products within the body of Tekiz Insulated Roof and Façade Systems.

ISO 9001 Quality Assurance System, ISO 14001 Environmental Management System, OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety System and ISO 50001 Energy Consumption System are enforced at Tekiz Facilities with utmost sensibility. According to 6th article of Material Regulations which is an international standard; “CE” mark which means “material that allows the product to meet the base requirements defined in the regulation” is on every Izocam Tekiz product.