A professional in healthy insulation: Izocam Kalibel with EUCEB certificate

Izocam Kalibel has combined EUCEB certified glass wool and plasterboard. Izocam Kalibel, which offers a professional solution in heat and sound insulation, can be easily applied in large-scale buildings such as hospitals and schools as well as in residences.

Kalibel, the professional heat and sound insulation solution that Izocam offers together with glass wool and plasterboard, is preferred in all buildings, especially in hospitals, schools and residences, due to its easy and fast application advantage.

Izocam Kalibel, a composite product consisting of glass wool board covered with gypsum on one side, is used for sound and heat insulation on the inner surfaces of the outer walls, inner partitions and adjacent walls, walls adjacent to stairs and elevator shafts, and in the interior cladding of wooden frame structures. With Kalibel, which allows the application of both mineral wool and plasterboard at the same time, the on-site application time is shortened and the productivity in the workforce increases.

The choice of those seeking health and performance in insulation 

Izocam Kalibel stands out with its ease of application as well as many other advantages it offers.Its EUCEB certificate proves that the glass wool contained in Izocam Kalibel is harmless to health. With the EUCEB certificate, which proves that the fibers that penetrate the body through skin and respiration are dissolved from the body, Izocam glass wool products are not carcinogenic by an independent institution. 
Providing sound insulation while supporting thermal comfort, Izocam Kalibel ensures uninterrupted comfort in buildings. This product, which has a light structure that does not weigh on the buildings, can be assembled quickly and easily without requiring any accessories. Contributing to the fire safety of buildings as a fireproof product, Izocam Kalibel also protects the walls against mold and moisture formation. 

How is Izocam Kalibel applied?

For Izocam Kalibel application, firstly the surface of the wall to be covered is cleaned and prepared for the application. Boards are cut according to the size of the wall at a distance of 1 cm from the floor and 0.5 cm from the ceiling. A special bonding mortar is applied to the glass wool surface of the board in 3-5 kg per m². Kalibel plate is lifted and placed on 10 mm wedges, which are placed on the floor, at the bottom of the wall. After leaning against the wall, it is leveled with a rubber hammer and gauge. The boards are supported until the adhesive sets. After the joints are covered with a special net and paste, the application is completed by applying a final coat of paint.

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