İzocam in the Press

A new product from Izocam that will provide added value to parquet sector

İzocam has added a new one to its user-friendly products that offer ease of application and budget saving. Izocam’s new product Under-
Parquet PE Mattress with Moisture Barrier, which was developed to provide added value for parquet sector stands out with its superior
water vapour resistance and sound insulation features. Developed to be applied under the commonly used laminate and laminated parquet,
Mattress with Moisture Barrier supports the water repellent feature of parquets and therefor their resistance to moister. The new product which has water vapour diffusion resistance of 11.000 prevents parquets from swelling by getting moisture from concrete. Parquet floorings which are placed without the concrete fully dries in the new buildings, especially in winter months, can be affected negatively from the moisture in concrete. Izocam new product Mattress with Moisture Barrier allows parquet application without waiting a long time for concrete to dry thanks to its high moisture resistance.This product, whose application is easy and also economical, saves time and auxiliary products used while applying parquets. Developed with 20 mm flap on one side, the product is easily and quickly placed on the floor without a need for any additional adhesive process due to this, and also provides savings in tape costs. Standing out with its advantageous sound absorption values compared to alternative under-parquet products in the market,Mattress with Moisture Barrier is also a suitable alternative

to correct the imperfections on the floor. It is noteworthy that this product, which was designed as minimum 50m considering the habits of installers, is also suitable for use in different applications that require high moisture resistance, such as cooler bag market.

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