İzocam in the Press

“A” class insulation solution from Izocam: Mineral Wool Partition Board

Bringing together insulation solutions suitable for every need with the ocnstructor, Izocam provides fire safety with "A" class thermal and sound insulation on the walls with its master-friendly Mineral Wool Partition Board.

The master-friendly Izocam Mineral Wool Partition Board, which brings together the solutions suitable for the needs of the sector with the practitioners, provides "A" class insulation with its high thermal insulation characteristic, superior sound insulation power and its contribution to fire safety. 

Stating that Izocam Mineral Wool Partition Board, which can be produced in different thicknesses, offers superior thermal and sound insulation on partition walls, Izocam General Director Murat Savcı also emphasized that this product, which has A1 class fireproof properties, provides fire safety by saving time in case of possible fires. Expressing that "A" class insulation is achieved with the details used in Izocam Mineral Wool Partition Board, Murat Savcı stated that this product, which allows to obtain energy efficient partitions between volumes conditioned at different temperatures and times with its low heat transmission coefficient, provides energy savings and increases comfort in all buildings. 

Drawing attention to the sound insulation feature of Izocam Mineral Wool Partition Board, Murat Savcı said, “Sound insulation in buildings is made compulsory in accordance with the principles of the 'Regulation on the Protection of Buildings Against Noise' published in May 2017 and wall performance in buildings with different functions is classified from A to F in line with building sensitivities. In this context, high performance sound insulation can be achieved with Izocam Mineral Wool Partition Board.”
It is applied quickly, saves time

Stating that Izocam Mineral Wool Partition Board is a product that can be applied quickly and saves time thanks to its flexibility and softness, Murat Savcı noted that the product offers a comfortable and healthy working environment thanks to its natural content, dust-free structure and easy cutting. Noting that this product, which can stand on its own, provides a safe application opportunity, Savcı said, “Izocam Mineral Wool Partition Board adds speed and quality to the applications without requiring any additional materials. It also stands out with its transportation and storage advantage as it can be easily transported thanks to its packaging with a carrying handle and its lightness.”

Proves its quality with certificates

Developed to meet the expectations of the sector and users in the best way, Izocam Mineral Wool Partition Board proves its quality in the international arena by having CE and EUCEB certificates.

Stating that they, as Izocam, are careful to produce products that use recycled materials and that are proven not to harm human health, although the laws in our country do not require it, Murat Savcı underlined their leadership ethics in the sector with their continuous investments in Izocam Stonewool for 13 years and in Izocam Glasswool products for 12 years for EUCEB certification. Savcı said, “Izocam brand mineral wools prove that they are products that do not harm human health with the EUCEB certificate they have, with international standards. With the EUCEB certificate, which proves that the fibers that penetrate the body through the skin and respiration are eliminated from the body by dissolving, it is documented by an independent institution that Izocam stonewool and glasswool products are not carcinogenic. Products with EUCEB certificate are constantly tested and it is guaranteed that the fibers are harmless during the certificate period.”