İzocam in the Press

2022 İzocam International Online Dealers Meeting was held with the motto 'Let's win the future together'

At the meeting, which was watched online via website, the achievements of İzocam in 2021, together with its dealers and employees, were emphasized under challenging economic developments and the ongoing Pandemic conditions. The company's targets from 2022 to 2050 were also announced in the dealers meeting, and colorful and enjoyable moments with the participation of famous guests were witnessed.

The event part of the meeting, on the other hand, witnessed both informative and enjoyable moments with the participation of famous names. In the meeting hosted by Simge Fistikoğlu, Economist Dr. Cevdet Akçay shared important information and predictions about the economic agenda with his speech titled "2022 Economic Outlook", while Futurist Ufuk Tarhan shed light on the "World of the Future" with his speech. Famous Vedic Astrologer Şebnem Ekşib shared her astrological predictions in the parallel program specially organized for the spouses of the dealers of the meeting. The chocolate and soap making workshops held in this section also enlivened the organization. 

At the 2021 Turnover Awards Ceremony held at the end of the meeting, the most successful dealers of İzocam in exports and in Turkey were announced and awarded. While Karalar Yalıtım, Himerpa A.Ş. and Efes Yalıtım ranked third among the top three winners, respectively; Tekiz's champions were Alsim İnşaat, Gaziantep Akfit Roof and Karalar Yalıtım. The top 3 champions of exports were Golmat Ltd, Kebaa Trading and Di Trade, which represent Izocam abroad.