İzocam in the Press

2 New Environmental Actions From Tarsus Facility

The flue filter investment we made in order to ensure that our Tarsus Facility works in the most compatible way with environmental conditions set an example for the entire sector. With this environmentally friendly technological investment, we aim to achieve world-class air emission values. We aim to take our contribution to a sustainable world to the next level with the new flue filter, which will reduce greenhouse gas emissions well below the standards.

Another concrete step supporting our target of an environmentally friendly facility at the Tarsus Facility was the Basic Level Zero Waste Certificate we received for this facility in July. This certificate, given by the TR Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, states that the facility has completed a series of processes covering the prevention of waste at a basic level, the more efficient use of resources, the prevention or minimization of waste generation by reviewing the causes of waste generation, and the collection of waste separately and recycling of waste at the source in case of producing waste. We aim to obtain this certificate for all our facilities by the end of the year.