İzocam in the Press

Izocam sails for a sustainable world

The leading insulation brand Izocam has turned its route to the seas in order to draw attention to sustainability, global climate change and the right to a good life. Izocam sailing team is preparing to sail in 30 different races throughout 2022 for a sustainable world.

Leading the insulation sector with its approach of energy saving, environmentally friendly production, products that integrate with nature, and healthy individuals, Izocam is now leading the "good life" and "sustainable tomorrows" with the sailing team it has established together with Sailmaster.

Izocam Sailing Team, which will take part in 3 trophies and 30 races, including BAYK Bodrum Winter Trophy, MIYC Marmaris Winter Trophy and Bosphorous Cup, throughout 2022, stands out as an assertive team, including professional racers and Izocam employees who have received basic sailing training from the Sailmaster team. Izocam Sailing Team raced for the first time on January 15-16 with the first leg of the BAYK Bodrum Winter Trophy, will participate in the next race of January in the first leg of MIYC Marmaris Winter Trophy between 22 and 23 January 2022.

Stating that insulation is a strong and necessary element that supports sustainability by its very nature, Izocam General Director Murat Savcı announced that they established the Izocam Sailing Team in order to raise awareness about global climate change.

 Emphasizing they sail for the goal of “more insulation, less energy consumption, more natural energy (wind) and less energy consumption”, Murat Savcı said: “The air we breathe gets polluted day by day, the increasing greenhouse gas emissions trigger global warming and pave the way for the climate crisis. In order for us to achieve our goal of a more livable world in the future, we need to reduce energy use soon and start using our existing resources much more efficiently. As Izocam, we have prevented 650 million tons of carbon emissions in 57 years with the products we produce! It’s our goal to be carbon neutral by putting our large-scale investments into operation by 2050! To achieve this, we have implemented a chimney filter investment in our Tarsus Facility in 2021 that enables us to achieve world-class air emission values. Within the framework of energy use reduction, we renewed the lighting types in all our facilities with environmentally friendly practices. We have contributed to the circular economy by establishing energy monitoring systems in our Stonewool and Glasswool production facilities, implementing recovery and efficiency projects. First of all, we received the Basic Level Zero Waste Certificate for our Tarsus Facility, and we have granted it to all our facilities by the end of the year. Now, within the framework of our mission to lead a 'good life' and 'sustainable tomorrows', we are sailing with the power of nature (wind) and reducing fossil fuels in order to draw attention to global climate change.

Stating that sailing, where all athletes focus on a single goal and everyone performs their duty in the best way throughout the race, also strengthens the awareness of being a team, Murat Savcı said “the sport of sailing, which we started with the motto ‘Together, all the way forward!’ describes the behaviors and approaches of our employees in the best way possible. 

It is one of the sports that describe the Izocam Attitudes the best with values such as agility, entrepreneurship, having an open and inclusive culture, and innovation, as they also mean being a team in sailing, finding new routes with ease, and having teammates who do not give up on the goal of being the first despite the harsh conditions of nature.”

Izocam is inspired by nature and supports the natural

Expressing that they are inspired by nature and support the natural with the Izocam Sailing Team, Murat Savcı stated that they act with this mission in their production and offer nature-friendly and healthy products. Emphasizing that a healthy and good life is a constitutional right and that Izocam supports this right with their products, Murat Savcı continued his words as follows:

“Izocam glasswool and stonewool insulation materials, which contain environmentally friendly materials, are among the best-known and most reliable products in the world. Izocam uses sand, basalt, natural minerals and recycled glass in 80 percent of its production. Production residues are also used in the production of products again. Glasswool and stonewool products are indispensable insulation materials for fire safety along with thermal insulation, sound insulation and acoustic regulation. As Izocam, we enjoy the privilege of being the first among the Turkish Thermal Insulation Material Manufacturers and leading the sector in this regard, with the continuous investments we have made for the EUCEB Certificate in our Stonewool and Glasswool products for 13 years. Izocam brand mineral wool proves that the fibers that penetrate the body through the skin and respiration, are both removed from the body by dissolving and that they are dissolved in nature, thanks to its bio-solubility feature, which is proven by the EUCEB certificate. Products with EUCEB certificate are continuously tested and it is guaranteed that the fibers are harmless to health for the certificate period.”