Our Company Culture, Principles and Values

Izocam have acted as a trusted leader of the insulation sector in our country as well as neighbouring countries since 1965, always made it a principle to grow, participate in acts that are beneficial to the country and environment, to be an exemplary company in all the fields. We have determined the guiding and indispensable principles below to determine, implement, and protect the values that will carry the recognition and solidity of Izocam brand further in both the relations between our employees and the relations with the third parties, according to our company structure.

Code of Conduct and Working Principles

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These are the guiding principles that are adopted by and applied to all actions in all management levels of Izocam Ticaret Sanayi A.S. and all of its employees. Universal rules, and commitment to these principles that form the basis of the contracts is an important condition of belonging to Culture of Izocam.

Working Principles: Respecting the Law, Respecting the Environment, Occupational Health and Safety, Respecting the Rights of Employees

Code of Conduct: Occupational Responsibility, Respecting the Individuals, Integrity, Honesty Solidarity

There is an Ethics Committee to ensure that rules and principles regarding Code of Conduct and Working Principles and Values are conformed to correctly. The booklet in which our Code of Conduct and Working Principles are detailed is given to our every employee on their first working day by HR. It is one of the primary liabilities of our employees to act and ensure others are acting according to the principles.

Code of Conduct and Working Principles are celebrated throughout the company once in November biyearly with various activities.

Ethics Values: Conflict of Interest, Gifting Policy, Competition Policy, Discipline Policy

Our Take on Human Resources

İzocam Code of Conduct

- Cultivate Customer Intimacy

- Act as an Entrepreneur

- Innovate

- Be Agile

- Build an Open and Engaging Culture

İzocam Code of Conduct must be observed by all our employees. It reflects our legacy and our commitment to creating excellent living quarters and to improving the quality of everyday life. We shall practice it every day to deliver on our commitment.

Cultivate Customer Intimacy

It means to understand, anticipate and meet the needs of both internal and external customers at all times and on all levels of our organisation. Therefore, İzocam employees strive to meet the customers’ needs and to proactively offer creative solutions if and when necessary. In order to be able to stay true to this form of conduct, İzocam employees need to hone their ability to empathise, in other words to put themselves in their customers’ shoes and to change their perspective to understand others’ fundamental needs.

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Act as an Entrepreneur

Acting as an entrepreneur is focusing on the results as if you own the company. Acting as an entrepreneur is exhibiting a rooted sense of commitment and ownership. It is when you feel like every project you work on it yours. You take initiative and work hard to make the project successful. It also means to have an impact on the sustainability of results, performance and İzocam, leaving your own mark.

It means to find the courage within to take the risks and make the decisions which will improve both the results and the performance of our company. Lastly, it means to be a proactive part of change and work for it.


To innovate requires one to be open-minded and to think different.

It requires to think outside the box, be original and try new solutions.

It requires to be future-oriented and to foresee possible changes in markets, customers and technologies.

Lastly, it is the capability to see failure as part of the game and as something everyone can learn from.

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Be Agile

The ability to be quick in actions and in wits. It means to welcome change and be a proactive part of it.
It requires İzocam employees to improve their awareness of themselves, their teams and (both internal and external) surroundings, and to know and learn how to improve the strengths of those around them.

It also requires both a lot of energy and to meet these two needs simultaneously: familiarising oneself with the abilities of the team and staying true to an understanding of sustainable environment.

Build an Open and Engaging Culture

The number one requirement for all levels is being open-minded. This requires to accept differences, be open to both positive and negative feedback, be open to trying new ways of working and (both internal and external) collaboration, and fostering a safe space for all to voice their opinions in an effort to boost the team spirit.

This means developing different perspectives when collaborating, assuming a global perspective and constantly learning.

It means staying true to our Code of Conduct, being role models, honesty, respect and trust.

It means to have an inclusive leadership that is built on open and meaningful communication, and includes and develops people.

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