Quality And Management Systems Policy

As the reliable leader of insulation sector in our country and neighbouring countries, it is our main purpose to raise the awareness of insulation and energy saving, to ensure that people can benefit from comfort of insulation maximally, and therefore protect the environment.

Our Company’s understanding of Management Systems is to; meet the demand and expectations of internal and external matters that form our context according to international standards on time, protect the environment, maintain the energy efficiency, provide information security, sensibly fulfil all legal and other obligations we are responsible for.  

As Izocam, we regard the protection of environment and energy as a vital priority. In addition to the environmental contributions of our products, our purpose is to prevent the pollution that occurs during the formation and use of our products and services, to use sustainable resources, to produce products towards slowing the climate change, and to lower the energy usage to the minimum levels. To reach our objection, we are always performing improvement and development programs in all our activities. According to our objectives, we are purchasing environment and energy friendly products and services and support the designs towards the betterment of the system. 

In all of our current units and investments, we are defining our risks, and perform the periodic checks and system tests to determine the occupational health and safety performances, and to implement information security efficiently in our work processes; and by taking the necessary precautions, we improve the system continuously. 

We provide the necessary training to our personnel to ensure that understanding of Quality, Environment, and Occupational Health Safety takes root in every level and is maintained.   

  Within the scope of this policy;

  • Production will conform to national and international product standards.

  • Proposals and development study activities to improve the quality will be encouraged.

  • All information and sources required to achieve our aim and objectives will be provided.

  • Targets focused on continuous betterment in Quality, Environment and OHS will be determined and their results will be reviewed constantly.  

  • Information Security and Business Continuity will be provided in all processes for our employees and customers.

  • Occupational accidents and illnesses will be prevented, potential hazards will be removed, occupational health and safety risks will be reduced, and related opportunities will be evaluated to ensure that all our employees can work in a safe and healthy work environment. 

  • Employees will be consulted, their opinions will be considered, and their participation will be encouraged in implementations regarding Quality, Environment, and Occupational Health and Safety to continue our practices. 

  • Pollution and energy consumption of our products and services will be kept at the minimum levels. 

  • Improvement of the environmental sensitivity of our suppliers and customers will be ensured, studies in these fields will be supported.

  • Situations and behaviours that create risks will be kept under control by taken proper scientific and technological measures that lever their effects to the minimum.

  • Our social responsibility projects to spread the understanding of insulation and energy saving and our services towards society and sector will be maintained as a part of the company culture.

  • As Izocam; all legal requirements and conditions related to Quality, Environment, and Occupational Health Safety we are responsible for will be conformed to.

These we declare and undertake.

Quality Certificates

ISO 14001:2015
Çevre Sistem Belgesi
ISO 14001:2015
ISO 14001:2015
ISO 9001:2015
Kalite Sistem Belgesi
ISO 9001:2015
ISO 9001:2015
ISO 45001:2018
Is Güvenligi ve Çalisan Sagligi Sistem Belgesi
ISO 45001:2018
ISO 45001:2018