A) General Notification

İzocam Ticaret ve Sanayi A.Ş. ( prepared this “Notification”letter under the capacity of Data Officer per the Personal Data Protection Law (”PDPL”) #6698 to inform you for what purpose your personal data will be processed, to whom and for what purpose your processed personal data may be transferred, the method employed to collect your personal data and its legal grounds as stipulated under the articles 10, which is titled “the Obligation of the Data Officer to Disclose”, and 11, which is titled “Rights of the Relevant Person” of PDPL, and to inform you of your others rights specified under the article 11 of PDPL.

B) Purpose of Processing Your Personal Data

Our company which engages in activities specified under “the Articles of Incorporation of İzocam Ticaret ve Sanayi A.Ş.” collects and processes your personal data to establish and operate e-trade portals, to engage in the trade of any kind of goods and services via such portals, for aforementioned activities, and per the Law on the Regulation of E-Trade, the Law on the Protection of the Consumer #6502 and their secondary legislations, regulations, and, where applicable, the contracts we sign. Your personal data shall be used to offer services in relation to our Company’s fields of activity, to improve the quality of these services, to carry out sales, marketing and other activities of our Companies, and to comply with the information storage, reporting and notification obligations with regards to suppliers and third party service providers. Moreover, your personal data may also be used for studies such as Customer Relations Management implementations to be performed to improve the services we offer to you, and to carry out sales and marketing activities.

C) Detailed Notification Regarding Personal Data

It may make use of the personal data transmitted to it electronically by the website users and the “Membership Contract” it signs with its users in cases, for purposes and in scopes stipulated under the laws. The collected data is used for campaign studies and special promotions for your profile.

IP log records of the users are kept for the periods specified under the law in order to identify issues within the website, and to promptly solve any technical issues and/or other problems. Certain private information (name-surname, address, company information, telephone number, e-mail addresses, etc.) will be saved to the database of the website with the users filling out various forms and polls within the website.

In line with the purposes and scopes specified under the Membership Contract, if the user provides consent, it may notify the users through means of electronic communication about new products and discounts for advertisement and/or marketing purposes.

The information provided by the user to become a member of the site shall be used to communicate with the relevant user. It may also be used to notify you of new products, and for advertisement and marketing purposes.

For the purpose of attaining quick and effective results, “cookies” may be used for “session recognition” to recognise customers upon web page switches, to not require a membership log-in after each switch, and to access the information you provided during registration. Cookies are stored momentarily in the interface, and are not permanent once you leave our pages. This procedure does not store any information regarding you of the devices you use. You may change your recognition settings to opt out of “recognition information”. In this case, some interactive features throughout the website may not be available.

Your personal data shall not be used for purposes other than those specified herein without your explicit consent, and not be disclosed or transferred to third parties other than legal obligations and official authorities.

Your personal data collected by our company consists solely of the elements specified under the contract signed between the parties. All data requested in addition to this may, subject to the customers’ explicit consent or under the other cases foreseen under art. 5/F.2 of PDPL as well as the legislation we are subject to, be disclosed to our Company’s partners and, in the future, İzocam Ticaret ve Sanayi A.Ş. and/or our domestic or foreign ventures which are to be included among the group Companies, and our directly or indirectly affiliated companies and our joint ventures in order to offer our customers services, opportunities and possibilities with added value, and to improve the quality of our service, to public organisations or institutions with the authority to request such data due to a legal obligation, and, provided that sufficient measures are taken, to our partner organisations, suppliers, authorised sellers/dealers/business partners as required by our activities.

D) Method of Personal Data Collection

Your personal data may be collected verbally, in writing or electronically by our Company, Partners, ventures, dealers, suppliers, solution partners with which we cooperate or sign a contract, etc. in line with the legislations that are in effect.

E) Correct and Up-to-Date Storage of your Personal Data

Those disclosing their personal data to our company agree and declare that they shall be solely responsible for the consequences of providing false data, and that they are aware of the fact that the personal data stored being correct and up-to-date is important with regards to the rights they posses over their personal data in line with the Personal Data Protection Law #6698, and with regards to the other applicable legislations.

F) Period of Storage of Personal Data

As per the Law on the Regulation of E-Commerce #6563, records of the withdrawal of consent shall be stored for 1 year while the content of the commercial electronic transmission and all other relevant records of this transmission shall be stored for 3 years to be submitted to the Ministry when required. Upon the expiration of the said duration, your personal data shall be erased, destroyed or made anonymous by us or upon your request. Moreover, the traffic data which we process per the Law on the Regulation of Internet Broadcasts and the Fight against Crimes Committed through these Broadcasts #5651 shall be stored for 2 years, after which they shall be made anonymous.

G) Erasion, Destruction or Anonymisation of your Personal Data

Your personal data which is processed for the purposes specified herein shall be erased, destroyed or made anonymous for further use by us when the cause requiring data processing under art. 7/F.1 of PDPL is no more or the periods specified under the Law elapses.

H) Measures for the Protection of Personal Data

The protection of personal data is an important matter for our company. Our company takes the due measures to protect your personal data against unauthorised use, loss, incorrect use, disclosure, modification or destruction. Our company undertakes to take all measures and exercise the due diligence to keep your personal data confidential, maintain confidentiality, and keep it secure.

If, despite the fact that our company has taken all due information security measures, the personal data is damaged or goes into the possession of third parties as a result of attacks on the website or the system, İzocam Ticaret ve Sanayi A.Ş. ( shall notify this to you and Personal Data Protection Authority immediately and take all necessary precautions.

I) Other Rights Listed Under Article 11 of PDPL

You reserve the right to make an inquiry with our company and to;

a) Find out if your personal data is being processed,

b) Request information if your personal data is indeed being processed,

c) Find out if your personal data is being used in compliance with the purpose of processing,

d) Find out about the domestic / foreign third parties your personal data is transferred to,

e) Request amendment if your personal data is being incorrectly / incompletely processed,

f) Request your personal data to be erased / destroyed in line with the conditions foreseen under article 7 of PDPL,

g) Request the actions taken under the aforementioned paragraphs (d) and (e) be notified to the third parties your personal data is transferred to,

h) Object to a result which is unfavourable to you, being given because your personal data is analysed exclusively by automated systems,

i) Claim for reimbursement if you sustain any damages due to your personal data being processed illegally.

Privacy Policy

We hold the confidentiality of the personal data you provide to us while registering on our website,, above all else.

Therefore, your e-mail address shall, under no circumstances and before no relevant party, be disclosed or used. Your data may only be used by in certain periods to send advertisement and campaign news about

The membership information and personal data you provide us with shall not be shared with other members unless you provide your consent. This information may only be used to create a customer profile.

The membership information and personal data may only be changed by the members themselves. or other members may not access or change the membership information of a member.

However, if confidential information is damaged or goes into the possession of third parties as a result of attacks on or the system even though all necessary information security measures are taken, shall bear no liability.

Moreover, personal data of users and members shall not be disclosed to real or legal entities unless requested by a legally authorised authority or unless the following apply. Personal data is provided to third parties acting for or on behalf of or to those related to the activities of to better process the data in line with the usage purposes or to better serve the purposes recommended by the users and the members. The information gathered from the users responding to the periodical polls held by on the Site and the users’ personal data may be used by or the organisations it is in affiliation with to carry out direct advertisement, presentation and marketing to the users, to conduct statistical analyses or to create a database, and for other similar purposes.

The user agrees that any information that they share may be sorted and stored on a database, that the Company may use their usage and process information for the duration needed for performance evaluations, the marketing campaigns of the Company and its partners, annual reports and similar actions provided that sufficient security measures are taken, that it may be transferred to infrastructure providers and third party service providers only to realise the purposes specified in the Contract, and that these parties may store and process it at data centres located in Turkey or abroad.

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