It is Possible to Cool off in Sultry Summer days with ETICS…


It is Possible to Cool off in Sultry Summer days with ETICS…

It is possible to have cooler summer days and warmer winter days by installing external thermal insulation in buildings… With the right type of external thermal insulation in summer months, one can have a lot warmer winters at home while cooling off in sultry summer days. Energy bills are reduced by almost 50 % thanks to the Izocam thermal insulation implementation.

The Deputy General Manager responsible for Sales and Marketing in Izocam, Fatih Öktem draws attention to the fact that they have provided 110 billion dollars-worth of energy saving in 50 years for the country’s economy with Izocam products and that this represents the amount of 3-year tourism income of Turkey.

It is possible to significantly reduce the amount of energy spent by devices used for heating or cooling purposes in buildings such as combi boilers, radiators, air conditioners, etc. with thermal insulation implementations. By thermal insulation in buildings whose thickness is in line with standards, heating and cooling expenditures reflected in bills both in summer and winter months can be reduced by 50-60 %. Moulds, bacteria and stenches created by humidity can be prevented as well. Reduced fuel consumption in buildings thanks to thermal insulation also helps reduce air pollution.

The right thermal insulation implementation helps preserve the heat indoors at desired levels for long periods. The thermal insulation used to reduce the heat losses in winter and heat gains in summer is also reflected positively in energy bills. It reduces the fuel expenditures such as coal and natural gas in winter and the electricity energy consumption related to the use of air conditioners in summer almost by half. 

“It is possible to provide benefits for the household budget, to the environment and to the country’s economy with thermal insulation installations. The bills are cut by half thanks to thermal insulation implementations to outer facades of buildings along with insulation implementations to be installed in roofs and interior walls of buildings and the coatings between floors. Therefore winters can be warmer while summers are cooler,” says Fatih Öktem, the Deputy General Manager responsible for Sales and Marketing in Izocam, underlining that the first step towards energy saving must be thermal insulation.

Fatih Öktem also summarized the benefits of thermal insulation. ”Fire safety (when stone wool is used in implementation), durable buildings for longer periods of time, preventing undesired formations such as condensation and more eaurtquake-resistant buildings are among the benefits of thermal insulation. The right implementation of thermal insulation reduces the risk of damage in case of an earthquake because a certain part of damages during earthquakes take place as a result of iron bars in load-bearing systems of buildings losing their quality as they oxidize and decay. Thermal insulation prevents condensation and hence corrosion and protects the load-bearing systems of buildings against external factors. The constant protection of load-bearing systems increases buildings’ durability and lifespan.

On the other hand, thermal insulation increases fire safety. When the thermal insulation installed in buildings contains stone wool, it envelops all surfaces composing the external shell of building like an armor and provides the most efficient outcome in terms of insulation. Thanks to the incombustible feature of stone wool, facades of buildings do not catch fire and the toxic gases and smoke are discarded. Therefore more time is available for escaping the fire and for the firefighter unit to intervene. In this way, financial and life losses can be minimized in fire disasters in which time matters the most. Also molds, bacteria and stenches created by humidity in buildings can be prevented.”

One of the most convenient periods to have thermal insulation installed in our houses and workplaces is summer months… There are several insulation implementations for our buildings while preparing for winter. It is possible to have a lot warmer winters and a lot cooler summers with thermal insulation installations on outer walls and insulation implementations on internal walls and coating between floors.

Insulated boards having CE, TSE and EUCEB documents are manufactured in facilities with ISO 9001 Quality Guarantee System, ISO 14001 Environmental Management System and OHSAS 18001 Ocuupational Health and Safety Management System certificates. In 2014, Izocam qualified for receiving the “ISO 50001 Energy Management System Document”. It has become the first institution to have the EPD (Environmental Product Declaration) Document among the Thermal Insulation Materials manufacturers in Turkey for glass wool and stone wool products on April 1, 2015. 


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It is Possible to Cool off in Sultry Summer days with ETICS…