Izocam Tekiz Products Make A Difference In Safe And Effective Roof And Exterior Insulation


Izocam Tekiz Products Make A Difference In Safe And Effective Roof And Exterior Insulation

Insulation has a major importance in every part of a building. While roof and exterior insulation provide energy conservation, fire safety is provided by choosing the right material. It is also possible to achieve 50% energy conservation by implementing insulation for the roof and facades... However, these implementations need to be carried out by competent installers using correct products provided by trustworthy and expert companies. Izocam Tekiz brand products demonstrate their difference by the effective solutions they provide.  

Izocam manufactures Tekiz stone wool, and polyurethane insulated panels and corrugated sheets. Having an insulation core material between two formed metals, the insulated panels are used for roofs and facades that need thermal, noise insulation and fire safety. With these panels, an ideal solution is provided for the buildings requiring quick assembly and closure of wide openings.

Established its new panel line at the 4.000.000 m2 capacity Gebkim/Gebze facilities in 2013, Izocam has started manufacturing new panel forms at the new facility in accordance with the expectations of investors and project owners. Izocam Tekiz Insulated Panels, membrane and of type and thickness that may meet various needs in combi and fibro roof panels, progressively used in flat roofs in particular, have been presented for the use of the industry.  

Izocam Tekiz Roof and Facade Systems also have such products as pan system profile, flute corrugated sheet, roof corrugated sheet, membrane fibro panel, combi panel, metal tile and cold storage panels. All products are manufactured as per TSE criterion.

Preferred particularly for buildings that require high fire safety or places where inflammable or combustible materials are stored, Izocam Tekiz Stone Wool Insulated Panels are presented to the market with continuous production. A composite fire proof system is provided through the application of Stone Wool (has an “A” non-combustibility certificate) layer as metal outer shell and insulation filler and the panels, which provide high noise and thermal insulation in addition to fire safety, don’t contain any environmentally hazardous materials. Mineral wool insulated panels having both metal sides are installed to roofs with a slope greater than 7%, while Izocam Tekiz Combi or Fibro Panels with their water proof membrane provide a reliable roof surface for those with a slope less than 7% or flat ones. Recently launched stone wool fibro panel product provides significant fire safety for places that has high fire sensitivity with its quality of being a non-combustible stone wool panel with polyurethane layer under the outer waterproofing membrane layer.  

Izocam confirms carefully to ISO 9001 Quality Assurance System, ISO 50001 Environmental Management System, OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety System and ISO 50001 Energy Management System also in Tekiz facilities. All building products have the “CE” mark, which means “material allowing the product meet the main requirements specified in the regulation” as per the 6th article of an international standard, Construction Products Regulation.

Today, with the increasing needs and investments, we come across hundreds of workplaces, industrial buildings, shopping malls and workplaces where there are thousands of people at the same time. In this context, exceptionally safe solutions must be provided against a possible fire situation. It can be observed that very different materials are being used in contemporary buildings when compared to 50 years ago. Foreign-financed companies investing in Turkey require only A class materials for the roof and walls of their facilities and it is known that only mineral wool (glass and stone wool) is considered within the A class non-combustible materials, as per European Fire Standards.